There is no ME in UK as I belong in RP

It was a funny day yesterday as we headed off to a survey in my bosses new Mercedes Convertible. It was a car I once thought of buying and at that time it was a pipe dream but in the last 10 years its been easily achievable. But what has changed? While riding along thoughts of someone trying to rob me at traffic lights passed for a moment as I thought of the member of Black Eyed Peas brother being shot. But then as we carried on I thought of my little Jeepney. A vehicle that cost me less than it would cost to fuel the Mercedes for a few months. I prefer the jeepney may sound a bit bizarre to most reading this but its true. On the return to the office one of my fellow workmates is buying a new car and being talked into a BMW or a Mercedes. I mentioned Volvo because Eddie seemed keen on the idea but has to be a Mercedes or BMW. Funny thing is the value of cars no longer means a thing to me. I happily ride from A to B in whatever vehicle that’s part of belonging in RP. Its a complete change of life and values to a more practical way of life. Do I miss designer clothing, a plasma TV or a flash car? Simply no because its replaced with things of real value. A small business, a Multicab to carry more passengers, land. Things that debt ridden UK is slipping away from in the belief it will recover in the future when in reality we are tucking the debts under the door mat hoping they will go away. I have become minimal on my travels, I keep the laptop for communication, mobile phone and my iPod. Everything else is photos and clothing. Enough to travel light and do the current task at hand. At the same time investing a bit in the Philippines and looking for new ideas.

One thing I sat and pondered today was the “hippy” people I have met over the years and the fact a lot of them are some of the wealthiest people I know. Some found a niche market on travels round Bali others have found old markets that people had written off and found a new profitable way of doing things. The key to all the success they had was simple they were always and still are very practical. Ok they do have the odd luxury now but no doubt some kind of tax right off. So have I become a new type of hippy? Or just tired of the present western civilisation? One thing is for sure I only feel at home when I’m in Cebu with my wife and daughter Zoei. I want to spend more time with my daughter Nicole in the UK but like grains of sand I feel her slipping through my fingers and now I work over 200 miles away it wont get any easier. I know when we are together we are very close but more and more I feel that I’m more of an observer than a father taking part in her life. I just hope when she is old enough she will come out to the Philippines and be able to catch up on the lost time.

There are only two things that bring me to the UK earning money and Nicole the businesses are nearly to where we want them and we can already live comfortably in the Philippines. But I’m not sure what to do about Nicole when I’m in Cebu I hardly hear from her and when I’m in the UK I only get to see her at weekends and when it suits my ex and her schedule. One thing I never wanted to be was a weekend dad. I see friends doing it and hanging on to the Saturday or Sunday for the only happiness in they’re life that just isn’t me. I love my wife and daughters and what is life if your not sharing it with the people you love?