Theft From People Around You In The Philippines

thief behind bars

Its one of the most demoralising things I find in the Philippines more than government corruption as you would expect to be able to trust family and neighbours but its often those closest to you that are likely to abuse your trust as well as the fact they get really annoyed and as many will say lose face. Odd thing is if face was so important then why do it? As stealing from people in your own neighbourhood or even next door really make them the scum of the earth. It happens in the UK as well but normally from a drug addict or as I see here the low life people in society.

Now how this affects things long term became apparent with the tomato theft we had earlier in the year as it could only be someone very close by that stole them as it was in a landlocked compound. But after it happened my wife April mentioned she used to grow food at school before as a child but every time things became ready for harvest the neighbours would steal everything. Why isn’t the Philippines developing there is a prime reason, there is no justification for theft I don’t care if someone is poor and hungry its simply not theirs to take. Its a bit different to asking if you will give or even offering to do a bit of work in exchange for food but blatant theft I believe should be handled with very severe measures as its the main reason I have seen farms stop farming as the farmers are sick of the thieving workers and lot neighbours. Even commuting fish up from Negros a guy found his workers overloading the vans with they’re own stock over his even though its his business vehicles and his fish business, on top of that also stealing his fish aswell. No respect, no long term thought as it resulted in the business shutting down and another annoyed expat at the mentality of people thinking its ok to steal. Guess what the mentality its “ok to steal from foreigners because they are rich” is stupid. Anyone who finds this acceptable might as well find it acceptable people burning out Filipino families in Ireland because they are Asian. Neither is acceptable behaviour and yet the mentality does the same drive out people,drive out business, drives out investment.

Don’t like foreigners fine, at the same time bring back your OFW’s if that’s the case either that or get into the game and stop thefts in your own neighbourhoods. Anything that damages the small business has a ripple affect affecting many and even more importantly long term development of the Philippines. Justifying theft with they are poor, father is a drunk, mother is a drug addict etc. etc. is stupid and crazy. Notice the London riots this week? guess what those idiots on the streets come from poor backgrounds and have had social workers and parents making the same excuses and look what happens you end up with mindless thugs. They may rob from foreigners today but tomorrow better keep your door locked.

The expectation that foreigners are stupid or idiots is often something people assume but has anyone bothered to ask what education level people have or what did they study? The electrician disappeared here when he realised I knew more about the electrics than he did as he was trying to install sub standard work. People need to realise many of the expats arriving have a higher education than most of the people they meet. You have to ask the question why is it a nurse goes abroad and has to be reassessed to work in another country or the fact a doctor becomes a nurse as his/her training isn’t recognised abroad. Its not because of being different its because other countries train to a much higher standard. Compare any country alongside the time and training cycles and you should start to wonder why are people wasting so much money on sub standard training when in many countries they are “PAYING” for people to become nurses as they need them. Yet even if entering from abroad you still have to retrain.