The World is not enough??

Sometimes it makes me wonder how much you can really do for people. Most of the time I generally try to function as a unit rather than an individual so setting up in the Philippines for example is not a role for one person but to be more of a group event as I want everyone to prosper as things develop. But the last 2 weeks have shown a side I didn’t expect and has scrapped several major projects. I can’t go into too much detail but to say im disappointed would be an understatement.
Many times ive heard similar stories from other foreigners trying to do similar and you think no maybe its different for me. Well the odds will be stacked against you. Only advice I would give is invest minimal to find who your friends and enemies are and never invest more than your willing to lose. I found it hard to believe that friendship and trust can be traded for envy and greed so easily but it has and im just glad the investment was minor.
Normally as this is being treated as a business I would treat it as exactly that. But there is more than me involved and im stuck with a decision I don’t like but have had to make. There is an old joke that goes :- A guy in his brand new rolls Royce is trying to park in a multi storey car park and struggling to get it between pillars. As he pulls forward to line up a small battered old mini comes flying in and takes the space. The guy in the mini gets out smiles at the guy in the Rolls Royce and says “thats what you can do if your small and quick”. The guy in the Rolls Royce smiles Puts his car in reverse puts his foot to the floor and pushes the mini through the barrier and off the car park. The mini driver looked in astonishment.. The guy in the Rolls Royce gets out puffs his cigar and says “thats what you can do if you have money!!”
The driver of the Rolls Royce is the way I am in business if I taken advantage of would normally totally destroy it as I can always start again. The loss is minimal. Im not arrogant but generally you need to stand by your guns otherwise you will be walked over. This time is the first time in my life I will just walking away from it although it is more of a battle lost on both sides. Someone loses a friend someone loses a few hundred thousand peso, and there will never be trust there again.