the world is awash with new sustainable technologies but how many of them are new?

I often find it funny how people highjack old technologies stick a new label on it as if they have just discovered a cure to the worlds problems most of these ideas and even many working models already existed. If you look at Jimmy Carter the U.S. president he had already introduced solar panels to the White House as well as help jumpstart the industry.Jimmy Carter U.S. President, White house solar panels

But when Ronald Reagan took over the seat the solar panels came down and so did the support for solar energy.Germany and Japan bought up entire R&D laboratories in the US and scores of patents at fire sale prices.America’s preeminent position in solar power came tumbling down. The problem is the nation was fed on “I have a right” a right to own an oversized car which guzzles fuel, a right to burn electricity even though I don’t need it a right to pretty much do as much damage as I choose.. may seem a bit harsh but I have met enough Americans that have told me the “its an Americans right speech”. Well you can blame this attitude and mentality to have hindered development for over 20 years. Add to that the same anti nuclear industry in Europe and the UK and the fact everyone’s sat doing nothing for decades suddenly everything has hit crisis point because nothing has been implemented to reduce the worlds obsession with consumption in all resources. Short minded career politicians as well as the majority of people unaware and disconnected from the majority of the worlds issues has all headed us into the current crisis situation. You have to remember its not any anyone’s interest business wise to scare monger people at least not in one go.. prices have slowly been creeping up for coals, oils etc. and today all the energies that were side lined as too expensive suddenly are starting to look inviting and needed. Politicians can see an opportunity for green revolution to guarantee votes aswell as forming up committees to give themselves a job for life in essence the Green revolution is now happening although late and likely to be painful for most as the situation hasn’t been phased in over the last 20 years but now needed due to shortages and costs, tie that with the current recessions or “economic downturn” whatever way you coin it people don’t have money and if people don’t neither does countries treasuries..

Not all doom and gloom though as this is now driving people to look at how to do a lot themselves to help reduce their personal costs. Myself I have literally hundreds of books on all technologies and most of them are coined as new or just invented but most of my book seem to have been written from the early 70s onwards.. But then again telling people you’ve already been doing it for 20+ years and everyone just ignored you really doesn’t sell your new book. So for the original authors I take my hat off to you because you stuck at it even when people were thinking your just mad hippies who had nothing better to do. Now no doubt many of these people will become advisors.. funny how the world is changing and about time for the better. Won’t mention China as I think they will feel the problems themselves within the next 10 years although they will also be a major source of technologies for the rest of the world with its artificial priced currency and a disregard for rights and responsibilities for its workers if its going to come from somewhere cheap its all going to come from there. On top of that everyone’s coins purses are a bit tight so a blind eye no doubt will be turned to how things are made and the treatment of workers at least until everyone’s got things installed..