The weather seasons in the Philippines (wet and dry)

Tonight is my favourite weather in the Philippines as I stood out in the thunder and lightening. Everything is unusually quiet as most people are at home and the air feels fresher with the moisture from the rainfall. Its an experience I will never grow tired of and one I look forward to enjoying. Its also why I remembered to write this article in relation to the weather as its something not covered often.

The other day someone mentioned going into the Summer season in the Philippines and its a common mistake for foreigners to make. There is no Summer season only Wet and Dry seasons we are currently getting close to the Wet season which is why we seem to be getting heavy rainfall although there is droughts being reported in a lot of the farms as well as the general population struggling to get water from deep wells (including ourselves which are now getting fed from a reservoir). The other thing to remember is the different times of the year do affect the general climate. E.g. if heavy rain you can sometimes feel very damp and sweaty quickly due to the moisture in the air. There is a quick list of the climate temperature ratios below but to be honest I find the November to February the best time to be in the Philippines. There is no humidity information but just base the fact that in the wet season its a lot more dense.

Dry Season:
March -May (warm) 33-34 C
Wet Season:
June- October (monsoonal)
November -February (coolest) 29-31C