The value of money in life

The thing with the Philippines it offers changes that in the West you wouldn’t even see or the changes that can happen at least not as you grow older. I remember a long time ago with my ex when I bought her a pager then a year later a mobile phone to say it wasn’t life changing for her would be an understatement the first reason was down to the fact she had never received such an expensive gift before but then also these were technologies that weren’t available to the average person back then. As time moved on though you see the value of money becomes less and the expectations more this is the poison that leaks through western society. People buying kids the latest iPad or other gift purely on the basis of how they will look compared to the other kids in school yet the teachers I know do the opposite everything the kids value are in the time spent and the places they go not in some easily forgotten gadget.

porsche boxsterThe Philippines for me offered up a life that my wife gave to me that I was missing in the UK. My next toy on the list at the time we met was a Porsche boxster which for many seems a pipe dream but for me I could buy cash within 6 months. It wasn’t down to ego but simply it was the fact I could reach out and take it money was no object at the same time most things had become that way. The reality in my life was my daughter Nicole and April who was now entering my life as simply everything else could be bought.

Bought everything? lets put it this way how many of my real friends kept in touch when I moved to the Philippines? how many friends cared more than what I could deliver for them? guess what virtually none.. people generally used me or felt threatened by me at the same time I am easy going in my free time and 110% business in work time. I don’t cut slack in working hours and I worked harder and longer than everyone to achieve what I had gained but for what? most of the time my superiors upped my money as I took over their job roles which left them free to do nothing at the same time I enjoyed the added work. Friends today are such a short list I can’t count many except for those that have either understood or felt travel the people I expected to sit alongside me throughout life as well as support have all fallen by the wayside either uncomfortable by what I have achieved or they never were a close friend to start with. Which gets back to the value of money in life as friendship is bought by money but often worth nothing those who are real friends would be insulted for assuming you could buy them. Those friends in my life are mainly all gone mind and not because I am awkward but simply I was brought up travelling the world and then my work involved travelling the UK so most of my bonds don’t exist anymore simply because everyone lost touch for various reasons.

Now I am not sitting here all alone sad and glum by the way just be nice to see how many people got on with their lives. I compete with people with most things in life but its about building a better life rather than a direct competition which is what people forget. I remember the days were I would spend around £2000 on a night out with friends it wasn’t about the money or being better than others but the fact I wanted people to have a good time but I know a lot of people assumed its about trying to be better than others.. but if that was the case why would I have even bothered for anything else than your friendship?

Money means little in life.. and its value to me is very little in comparison to friendship of good friends and the love of my family.

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  1. Johnph2009
    March 16, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Matt funny as I value friends more than money
    Maybe because I have some money and no true friends
    yes I have educated people here and helped some expats in trouble but they are not friends
    I live my life here as an ATM machine but i am happier than i would be in UK
    here I have control of my life
    your blogg is all about get rich schemes in a third world country
    this is ilogical to me sorry m8
    you should tell people if they succeed they will be robbed or kidnapped or arrested
    If they fail they will be laughed at
    If you cannot live with the natives who think we are all american idiots better to work in a civilised country

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 17, 2011 at 1:11 am

      Interesting concept John,
      to be honest though depends on the people. People failing here is fairly normal but the again so is the people who wait for people to fail that do nothing themselves. But I have seen that everywhere in the world. The other thing is if you compare what we are ripped off in the UK without knowing it by the so called government I am better off sat here in the Philippines even with a smaller income. I estimate that on my income the amount taken by the UK state is around 78% due to the way the tax systems work. People may think thats extremely high but I would just give a few quick examples. Your taxed at source which is currently around 23% including national insurance so your salary has already lost nearly 25%. Most British people commute to work and in my case it can literally be 100+ miles per day the fuel is the most expensive in Europe as its got around 60% duty on it but then again when you pay for it at the counter they add VAT at currently 20% so in fact you have paid tax on fuel 3 x because its taken from salary at source, VAT and the Duty. But lets not forget the Tax in insurance, M.O.T. or the road tax as well and that’s just on a vehicle!

      The thing in the Philippines its all relevant to lifestyle I don’t stand out and content with the things we do. The American idiot thing is still a problem when I go out as simply everyone outside of the town still has the “hey joe” mentality. The internet cafe and store have mean’t people “learned” that I was neither American or liked being called one.

      As regards the blog having get rich quick, there is nothing about getting rich in here is about sustainable incomes. Its not for everyone and I would advise anyone who thinks they are no good at business not to bother simply because the fail rates here are very high. At the same time I do and will write about the things I do find that work simply because I have proved they can do. Not always a big profit but then again there are people here just wanting to increase their incomes by 10 – 30% and many of these businesses will do that easily.