The Value of life..

Ive spent many years chasing the money.. cars and being able to literally do what i want in life.. but whats it really worth? Its times that ive experienced in the last 2 yrs that really let you know what life is all about. As i type this my daughter Nicole is asleep on the sofa beside me and seeing her all weekend is so important to me. But in sat at 2.30am one daughters feet resting on me.. and my other daughter is 1000s of miles away with my wife. I browse through our photos and there isnt one unhappy moment in them. Every time we are together regardless of what is happening around us we are happy.. That is the real value of life. Having good friends, a loving wife and children to be proud of. Everything else doesnt really matter… A Ferrari or a Multicab will get you from A to B. A job pays the bills if its a retail assistant or a managing director.. the truth is family should always come first. Im well aware i cant always be here for Nicole as she grows.. but one thing is for sure  she knows I love and care for her and thats more important than anything… April and Zoei know the same aswell as the fact ill be home for Christmas… I have kids who love me and a wife that loves me and makes the world go round.. what else could i ask for in life?? I really have found happiness in the people around me and i hope you can to. So what is the value of life?? its to appreciate the people who surround you and for them to appreciate the person you are..