The Value Of Friendship In The Philippines

A CystAs many people notice I get frustrated at times especially when something goes wrong because people are either corrupt,lazy or don’t give a damn. But at the same time people say to me “Matt don’t you think your wasting your time?”. In reality though you get sparks of life that show how things should be and its those that drive me forward, this is an example of the sort of thing I am talking about.

A batch mate (term used for people who studied together at school or college here) of my wife has a large cyst on her face and I am not sure who instigated arranging for an operation for her but the whole group that were part of her class have pulled together to pay for the operation. If anything by the sounds of it there may be more money available than is actually needed. Its this loyalty and friendship that makes things in the Philippines worth the headaches of other things and also shows that many things are down to education (I know I constantly push education as the key). Now I have seen the kindness of such people abused by schools and former school mates such as requests for funds for “sponsors” for the next generations at the school only looking at it myself seeing frittered funds and people adding expenses for themselves as well as a salary. Yet wasn’t the idea to Sponsor not profit?

I am looking forward to my wife’s friend having the cyst removed as no doubt it will enhance her life drastically even though she is outgoing already this will give her a much happier life. At the same time its good to be able to promote something good for a change! Many things run on the negative side and I find it hard some times finding good stories to put as I can’t do the extremely dull stories that some of the other blogs put out I just can’t see the point of writing for writings sake. Especially when I know its rubbish to start with. Anyway really pleased this is happening and that the group take care of each other just wish it expanded out to more in society these days.