The Value Of A Relationship

Something surprised me this week due to a few things happening to a friend of mine. Someone who has done everything he could to bring his fiancee to him. He had gone through the process of helping family, visiting the Philippines and had spent a lot of time and money putting together paperwork for visas to bring his finacee across the oceans and seas to his homeland. But something thats happend in recent months if not the last year is a serious clamp down on bringing spouses into Europe. Something that puzzles me as its not an issue of literally hundreds if not thousands of illegal immigrants given a free gravy train for the rest of theyre lives if they make it across the channel between England and France. Anyway basically the visa wasnt approved and some of the money thats been built up for the appeal has been abused by relatives here in the Philippines. A huge argument happend and the fiancee disappeared. It does make me wonder how much of many of these relationships that happen are nothing more than a step up in life. Most of the western men ive met have been honest and pretty much looking for someone to complete them in life. Offering not only security but love and affection. Someone who doesnt stray and sees life as a couple. So why is it I hear so many situations like the above that worry me about what people really value in relationships. This relationship seems to have been treated more like a business deal by the woman than anything else. There is more to life than money.. thats all i can say some of the happiest people I know are some of the poorest. But the difference in happiness can be measured by someone appreciating the mercedes benz on the drive to another looking at the roses they have grown this year. The difference in price between each is huge but the happiness to the people are the same.I just wish people didnt get so caught up in the dream of the West and started appreciating what is right in front of them..