The Truth about moving to the Philippines

Many people dream of heading to a tropical island to live and spend retirement or just to enjoy life as it should be. Im Matt a guy who spent most of his life in the construction industry. Last year I met my now wife April online via a friend. We have a happy marriage and currently in process of getting to grip with life in the Philippines and how to make it work. We dont want people dropping through the same pitfalls that we come across and this is the reason for our site where we share advice, thought and our personal views on things and how to make things work. Its a no holds barred site as I found most others are pushing towards businesses they own themselves instead of honest information. So this is why we decided to do it.

Current projects on going :- Piggery in the final stages of build, 3 houses not yet started, A charity to help people in and around Cebu (which is in its early stages but already about to deliver some clothing), advice on marriage and travel hotel costs. Basically if you want info on the Philippines with an honest answer drop by! we are happy to help. Anything that promotes the Philippines helps people with the tourist trade and in turn puts more food on plates. But i dont want you to be robbed by overpriced tickets or excessive hotel fees. You will be surprised on the real prices. But im happy to give away for free..

Take Care and we hope to see you soon….