The Strange World Of The Filipino Internet Chatter

There are few things that really bother me in the Philippines and even this doesn’t bother me too much but it does give me an insight into why some people start scamming. I have met many genuine girls here looking to find a genuine life partner from overseas. Not running a dating agency mind! just people asking “do you have a friend who would like me?” or “its so hard finding a good guy online”. The truth of the matter is a lot of the guys they are meeting online are real dregs of society. Expecting the women to show body parts while the guy sits playing with himself on cam. What has happened to the world? Where did dignity and self-respect go? Where did actually caring about others go? The girls will wait for these guys expecting them to come to the Philippines but lets face it more than likely they are just too tight to even pay for webcam sex shows so try to string people along and no doubt in a lot of cases exchange with other guys their photos etc they manipulated out of the girls under false hopes and dreams. Your probably going to go to the defence of the guys saying they give money right? Well funny enough they aren’t the girls are here looking for partners not an ATM they are wasting salaries on these drop outs.

The reason I brought this article up is very few people jump in defence of the Filipina’s its always how badly the guy has been treated and how he met the wrong woman. I never hear things from Expat’s or Retirees things like the truth “I drink too much” or “I chase other women”. Which have to be two of the most major factors in breakups here. So if you get scammed along the way by someone at least question how they came to be scamming in the first place as it could simply be that they gave up on being abused by guys online and seen it was easier to make money than being fed on false hopes..

Because I know many guys as well who are genuine wonder how heartless some of these women can be as everything they have said and given has been like water off a ducks back to the girls. But maybe this is all part of a cycle for many caused by a lot of these guys who just want a quick hand relief and see nothing more in the women than a means to an end.. just a thought..