The sex industry and me

Ive posted a couple of articles relating to the sex industry in the Philippines. Both around information on Mango Square. Truth is its not an area im involved with or keen to persue. The reason i wrote the articles in the first place was the fact many foreigners come here have sex with a woman hop back on a plane never to be seen again and a lot of these women end up with children with no child support etc. So although im not getting into the debate on if the sex industry is good or bad i think its the lesser evil as it is specific to its task. So locating areas where the trade is a business. Was aimed at keeping guys who are here just for sex away from the average filipina who is really looking for a long-term relationship. If anyone wants to write a review on the clubs etc. Please do so as its not something I really want to get too involved in. So if you want to review Bikini bars and clubs in Cebu please drop me an email.