The Sandboxed Troll


  1. Today was an interesting one as I had gone into my meebo live chat earlier on as I had some spare time something I haven’t had for a while. Some of you may wonder why I don’t use it more often but its mainly down to things like people wanting hotel reservations and the like because they can’t get through to the hotels they want to book.

I am not getting into that game as you will find you get a regular flurry of calls as people start to realise you fix their problems because your here in Cebu. So I will use it when its convenient as most people if its important will email me.

What was funny though was going in there to find a troll same sad person who likes to leave comments on the blog but realised they didn’t go anywhere so had gone in there instead. Why is it though that when nobody listens to the first message leaving around 20 over a period of time the penny never dropped that nobody is listening?

Because this is the odd thing I have found with people whining about people living here in the Philippines and making a living is that they all seem to be unable to achieve it themselves leaving a bitter taste. Not sure why as although we have struggled at certain times due to things like construction where costs got more expensive than expected at the same time still here and never had to skip a meal or a bill.

One bit of advice though is you will come across these internet trolls that want you to fail and the odd thing is like this crazy guy due to all the messages he left its pretty obvious he is a regular reader, but why? I wouldn’t go into a restaurant every day to complain the food is bad or read a newspaper i didn’t like so what makes these people actually need to vent frustrations that are obviously more to do with problems in their lives rather than ours.

So if you get one of these just sand box them, in reality let them talk to themselves. They will rant and rave about everything you do at the same time offer nothing worth listening to. Gets a bit irritating having to manually do the messaging on the blog at the same time keeps all this sort of stuff off the site as its just not needed and unconstructive.