The road washed away

I have been avoiding mentioning this for the last couple of weeks but has to be said when I said they had mixed rock and soil to fill in the holes in the road I was wrong. They had actually just used soil full stop, first bit of rain it all washed away except for where tyre tracks squeezed the mud up in the middle of the road and now its created a dry ridge down the road instead. Thing is people can see the rocks worked they are still here! At the same time I have had one of the peddle cab drivers bring bags up at P10 a sack and fill in the road when he can. Not going to be a swift repair but already 7 sacks have been tipped in one of the worst offending areas and Aprils father brought some stone chippings for a lower area that’s also been leveled off now.

The next question is how to get people to buy more rock as well as the last job obviously didn’t work and to be honest would be difficult to tell anything had been done now with the rain we had for a few days. Trying not to say it was done wrong and more a case of don’t you think rock would work better. All diplomacy to keep the peace and hopefully eventually get these repairs completed for the next stage of creating a drainage run as well as some kind of solid structured road. Don’t get me wrong not in a rush its been like this for over 10 years already but I do hope with a bit of motivation that it doesn’t take another 10.