The road got fixed!

As regards a good day yesterday I woke up this morning and realised I had forgot to add the most important point, the road got fixed! May not sound an achievement to most people but I am trying to encourage change here and to do that people need to be doing things themselves. I am not an NGO who encourages hand outs and carrying on my back I am trying to encourage pride, respect and a beautiful area to live in. Now there is no point me repairing the road, planting trees and flowers to find that every time there is a problem at the road I get a knock on the door expecting me to sort it out or even worse left to fall into disrepair and to find the fruit trees and herb plants are used for urinating instead of helping the community develop some co-operative beautification of the area. This article was on the 14th of March which means its taken nearly 3 months for it to be followed up by others to do more repairs at the same time its worked.

It has taken months for the simple reason is initially people seen the difference and wonder if your going to do all of it so a bit of time lets people realise you have repaired outside your walls and that’s it. Which for mainly motorcycle and foot traffic in the area it becomes apparent your walking in mud and puddles then steeping on compacted rock before getting in puddles and mud again. Then what happened is someone sent letters round to the neighbouring houses requesting donations for the repairs that needed doing to the road. On top of that a request to the Barangay captain for assistance in the repairs all of this takes time. A lot of the time its best not to be directly involved as a foreigner as generally people like to do things themselves or feel its their idea even if you have set things up to nudge things to happen.

Result being the road is now currently level all the way through which is an achievement but also a mixed result as they have used a mix of soil and rock. When the wet weather comes again the soil will wash away exposing the rocks and making it uneven again at the same time I am hoping there is more rock than there is soil so that if and when it does happen it can be topped up with smaller rock to level it.

Why not concrete the road? main reason is they haven’t installed any drainage to get rid of excess water concreting it would cause pools of water going into peoples houses etc. as the road level will be above many peoples home heights. On top of that we have water flowing into the street from another alleyway for an area further back as the water runs like a stream in wet weather heading to the main river. Also I don’t think concrete is a good road surface due to the dust thrown up which is one of the main things the road causes. I am tempted to use a 2 track system as the road isn’t that busy as this would reduce dust as well as add a bit of green to the street.

dirt track with rocks road converted to a two track system

As you can see it would make a huge difference at the same time the grass areas still absorb water and also helps keep the grass maintained. The tracks work as a road and footpath there are many advantages doing it this way over a completely concrete road.

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