The right and wrong way to get web links on TropicalPenpals

I really hate garbage replies e.g. “wow great site should try www.Imtolazytoask for a link dot com”. This is how it should be done :-

Hello, from mark in texas.  I want to thank you for the link exchange with our old company drillingfab.. We have exchanged website links before, and i thank you. I offer remote water well drilling info and books for people world wide. You were kind enough to exchange links with us at drillingfab. We no longer own, i sold it. We now have a new web address . I added you to our link page. and would like to exchange links with you.

Thanks in advance for your time,

and if you need any water well drilling books or help with remote well drilling i would be glad to help you as much as possible at no charge.


Mark Crush


Firstly its relative to what TP users want/need and secondly they asked and added us at the same time. Not sneakily adding links all over the place in messages which ends up with me just going through the back end and deleting them wasting your time and mine which then irritates me as I am very approachable.