The ride back to Cebu from Negros Oriental–Negros Trip part 12

We set off early afternoon I was still feeling the bumps from the road which felt like I had a burning feeling on my butt coupled by an uncomfortable numbness from the 2 hour ride across roads under repair so I wasn’t looking forward to getting onto the same roads on the way back.

260296_10150297536786438_529031437_9540714_730555_nWe said bye to Jovie and her landlady and headed off I found Bindoy an interesting village type of setup where you had the coast on one side and the road on the other, how close to the waterline? well there were crab holes in the garden on the road side. At the same time there had been a bit of planning involved as it seemed everyone had built away from the road and not onto it. Makes sense from a noise point of view as well as an accident, at the same time means no sari-sari’s clogging up the roadside either where customers stop as you can literally pull off the main road into most garden areas we came across. Bindoy was obviously a lot bigger than it appears due to the farming but its hard to see how many people actually lived there at a guess its not many same as most of the parts of Negros we visited. Is it the sort of environment I could live in? no loud music, no littering, rivers clear of rubbish, fast roads, good public transport with little to no congestion, at least 30% cheaper to live than Cebu and on top of that plenty of space to build on a beach lot at a reasonable price.. it doesn’t take much thought to make a decision.


Back on route we covered the roads rather swiftly as there seemed to be literally nothing slowing us down. That dreaded bumping in the road never appeared as it seemed most of the repairs had been carried out over the time we were in Negros Oriental which I could only say was amazing and the fact there was very little bumps at all on the way back made it a pleasant ride. We decided to come back on the RORO and pulled in to get a price P250 which includes 2 passengers and the motorbike which seemed a good deal. As Aga sorted out getting the bike tied down it was about time to break out the emergency Sting energy drinks and Snickers to give us a boost for the last leg of the journey. Have to admit surprised how much stuff April got into the bag I took including 4 bottles of sting, clothing for the weekend 4 Snickers and several slices of carrot cake as well as my camcorder. The RORO ferry was a welcome break from the road with plenty of seating and time for a chat with Aga about the trip. Seems he enjoyed it as much as me and we were both pretty well worn out from the constant travelling.

As we arrived at the port it was already starting to get dark in Cebu which is a blessing and a hindrance as it meant the ride back will be cooler and no sunburn but also meant you have to deal with the regulars on the Cebu roads.


No hassles from the docks meant a quick exit and the beginning of the run home. I had by now already put the camera and other stuff away as pretty much everything is falling into darkness. The first part of the route back we were making good time except for a near miss with a local bus on the wrong side of the road as it came round a bend. Afterwards that things had gone into complete darkness except for the odd house light and vehicles going about their business. It was nice when weaving through the sharp bends listening to the wild life in the remote areas and by now it was for the first time actually cold. There was a small side wind and the fact I was just wearing a T shirt causing an uncomfortable chill. Wasn’t long though until we started hitting the Cebu regulars as I call them which were the peddle cabs riding the road with no lights, dogs wandering in the streets and the wandering drunks that found it difficult to keep to the edge of the road in a completely bumbling state. How many along the route is impossible to say on the drunks as it was quite a few the dogs 20, peddle cabs 3 and a lot of kids in certain barangays heading home after basketball matches. As we hit Argao I started texting my wife April every town so she knew were we were and to give an ETA of arrival (as April had already started preparing dinner ready for us getting back). Also meant if we were involved in an accident location wise April knew where we were last located.

No real hiccups on the road back except for the Cebu regulars that must have added at least 20 minutes to the journey with emergency stops and start stopping as they caused congestion for larger vehicles. Good trip all round though and looking forward to another visit soon. Decision on where to go next is the big question.