The riddle of the old guy

I was sat waiting for April today when there was an American guy who was sat opposite me was approached by a woman and a younger sister. I was minding my own business but there seemed to be a bit of a problem with the relationship and it just seemed that the guy had been caught hook line and sinker.. Because it appears he was having relations with the younger girl who didn’t look older than 18 max.. and he had  been living at the family home and after spending money on building a compound wall round the house and paying for renovations he had made himself pretty much at home. But one  thing a lot of people forget is that a lot of these younger girls for sure can be manipulated by older family members. A guy of around 70 may not see a problem with having a girlfriend of 17/18 and maybe not an issue if he wasn’t living in the family residence. What transpired was he was now thrown out after a dispute and now struggling to get his stuff back. Aswell as some issues with the girl. I tried to lose interest and look for something else to do because this is a reoccurring problem that many people come across but the difference with this one was the guy hadn’t learned a thing. With the body language that the girls were giving off they were uncomfortable with me sat opposite as they spun a web of lies to a guy who was obviously in a lot of distress and hanging on to every word for he didn’t want to lose the girl, not even registering it was more to do with making money than anything else. The next conversations were talk of buying a house and lot now that there was a dispute and he was falling for every line. Don’t get me wrong the majority of guys fall into problems over time but this guy had already been stung and setting himself up for the next. I ended up talking a walk to McDonalds not because I was hungry but I was getting close to interfering in some business that was nothing to do with me. The reason I decided to write the article here was the simple fact that people need to think with a business minded head a lot of the time here because there are things where people will rob you blind if they have a chance because of hardship and the other reason many people believe you can afford to take the loss your a rich foreigner. Recently I have had a few experiences involving people that just don’t make any sense to me as I give advice then they choose to totally ignore it to find things blowing up in they’re face and complaining about it. I just hope people stop making the same mistakes because the less people fall into the traps the less they are likely to happen. But I will say one thing the majority of people here are not out to make money from you, rip you off or anything else infact most of them want you to have a great visit,retirement or holiday because they are proud to be Filipinos and well aware what negative things can impact on tourism aswell as the reputation of the Philippines and its people.