The rental market in Cebu

What a lot of people don’t realise when looking for rental in and around Cebu or anywhere else in the Philippines is the real prices. It’s the same anywhere in the world but the odd thing about the Philippines i found in the UK very holiday companies come here and even fewer have brochures. The prices of hotels realistically range from $300 a night at a 5 star hotel(roughly £150) to $10+ (£5) a night for a pension house. But there are alternatives to sit somewhere in the middle and that’s where rentals come in. But there is a problem with being a “foreigner” in that a lot of people abuse the fact. The same apartment for a local would cost £35 a month but could cost you up to £80 or more if they think you are willing to pay it. But shopping around you will find in the bracket of around £150 a month your starting to get a 2 – 3 bedroom apartment with security guard and maybe a shared swimming pool. But it all depends what you’re looking for and where you want to live. City living can be cheap with a small apartment because generally you will eat out and find more things to do due to your location. Heading into the provinces you generally have less to get up to and find yourself heading to the city for something to do. But like most things it’s how you want to be spending your time. If you want to goto beaches then ideally you want Mactan since all the good beaches near Cebu city are there. As well as being able to charter a boat and still getting access to the city in less than 30 minutes ride. Cebu city is for the person who loves the city life personally i find it too overcrowded, difficult to get cabs at peak hours and more beggars than i would like to be dealing with on a daily basis. I opt for the province life which down in Minglanilla is 30 – 45 mins from Cebu city i still get access to the beaches but it’s about an hours ride but i rarely go, if i want to swim i go to Tubod flowing waters holiday resorts pools. I prefer the simple life of the provinces where driving with one headlight is accepted but in the city grabs me a traffic violation. Either way you need to look at the options before booking your location. If you’re stopping for two weeks i recommend somewhere in Mactan or down town as you can find things to do via the hotels etc. Which may become more difficult in the provinces. Long-term i would always opt for the provinces the easiest way to look at things is how often do you goto the beach in your own location? If it’s a lot then finding a good location around the provinces next to beach will be perfect the land is cheaper and you get very few problems from the officials. Same with a farm or anything else the provinces are a much better way of life. But if you like city living then i would advise trying Hong Kong if you can afford it. Not only has it got the infrastructure but generally there is always something going 24/7.

Getting to rental pricing there is no real market to work to. Being a foreigner instantly has a good chance of getting the price doubled. But shopping around and walking away they may ask you for your telephone number. Just tell them you have seen properties cheaper and they are likely to call you back to make a lower rental agreement. You can get rentals very cheap here but there is no fixed standard in operation that anyone works to. The only way to get a good rental is research and asking around. Anything else is likely to be overpriced just search around or get someone ahead of your arrival to find you locations. I can do this for you for a fixed fee of P500 around Cebu City.