The reasons Expats aren’t trusted in the Philippines

Today was a typical reason of why Expats are even shunned upon by most expats in business. The majority of people that come to the Philippines are the dregs of society no other way to put it. They haven’t budgeted for their futures in their home countries and more often than not completely disfunctional. Doesn’t mean all of them mind but it is the majority and spending time with anyone doing business here they will tell you exactly the same.

Todays events started yesterday after someone arrived to take on an apartment. They arrived early in the morning (although hadn’t made us aware of their time of arrival but turned up before 8am). We sorted out the apartment and started a small tab at our sari-sari while they settled to sort out later. A few beers later Mark Alan had crashed out on the sofa and throughout the day tried to organise things for him such as the “cable TV” that he said he couldn’t live without and I waivered the installation charge as he said he would lease for at least 6 months. He pretended to be asleep stank up the place with cigarettes and this morning after a few red horse for breakfast disappeared without paying his beer tab or any form of rent/deposit even for the 24hrs he was in the apartment and the mess he made. So be warned Mark Allan from Kentucky cannot be trusted he’s in his 60s and used to caddy round the golf courses in the U.S.

The important thing here though besides him irritating me by his actions is that people often wonder why people won’t do things in advance for them that they may in other countries he is a prime example of why we don’t! The cable system would have been an 18 month contract I would now be stuck with because of this guy. The apartment now needs aired heavily because it stinks of cigarettes and will take a few days to clear the air. Had someone come in and even when he disappeared without paying for the accommodation even if for 1 day he left all the electrics on.

Now talking to another landlord who had it a bit worse when a drunk there when leaving spilled ash trays on the floor and worktops then mixed beer in it which now leaves stains that involve removing complete worktop units. As well as the same location but another apartment the tenant punched holes in all the doors. Its pretty apparent we don’t have the best of people arriving here and to be honest I can do without renting the apartments out if need be purely because I don’t need the hassle. The whole point in the neighbourhood is to help develop it if its bringing the wrong sort of people then simply its better off without them as brings down the area instead of helps lift it.

The other thing being is that in recent months several people have had problems with things yet never talk to people about them. I know from my own experiences in business and also in the forums I have come across here the tip toe around people is counter productive and often damaging. Being honest and open offers up suggestions and abilities to adapt lately though I find so many people live in a completely unrealistic world and often its unsustainable as its a bit like the middle east where people say “its nothing to do with oil” yet everyone knows it is.

But if your an Expat try and actually be on the good side instead of what locals think all expats are like. Womanising, violent drunks is how many locals see us as an Expat which is why people often comment on my patience and that I don’t get mad in stores while I wait in queues. Does make me wonder though how many people out there are the opposite mind as its commented nearly all the time that I don’t get annoyed. Anyway just wanted to have my morning rant as to be honest I am not only disappointed in Mark Allan but odd thing is I had a feeling he was up to something yesterday because of the pretending to be asleep all day. Now if it was me on the other hand and wasn’t happy with the apartment (he said he was!) I would simply just say it wasn’t for me and leave or agree a day rate before moving on tomorrow. Instead of running out and not paying any bills.. but maybe its normal to him and in future people will wonder why I may seem unreasonable with other people when they want credit or to rent a property as it will all need doing at first point of contact. Just remember this post! As no doubt the same will occur with other people in the same boat.

2 comments for “The reasons Expats aren’t trusted in the Philippines

  1. Stevephil220148
    April 29, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Someone recently remarked that expatriates back home are nothing more than mere mortals. I gave the comment some thought and realised the message. In the Philippines these expatriates think (with their little money), they are king, They misbehave, jump queues, are loud and generally behave like the dregs you correctly identified them as. Having worked in other countries I noticed these same characters would not behave that way in Malaysia, Singapore and similar countries.
    I think Pinoys are too kind, generous and forgiving for their own good. It is these characteristics that expatriates admire and the dregs of them exploit.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      April 30, 2011 at 12:36 am

      Although one thing I noticed this year is a huge increase in numbers at least in Cebu. Its a pity things aren’t kept in balance with “normals” as well as these people arriving as talking with many business owners they will put the figure at over 90% of Expats they could do without. Which to be honest I completely understand and thats how Expats think about Expats does make me wonder how much locals think. Although I do think the shine is coming off in many cases which is why people complain about locals only interest is money. Which I would also agree with in a lot of cases but the country is setup like that. Don’t want you owning a house, business or anything else that’s an asset they just want you to blow your money here then leave.