The raw end of the deal with living in the Philippines

Now I got of lightly I just had a few headaches with an Aunt but I know a lot of people “literally a lot” who have had a lot worse. There was someone I know in Mandaue who was feeling sick for about a month and couldn’t understand why it only came to light when his mother in-law asked her daughter for help in killing him because the poison she was using wasn’t working. At which point the woman told her husband and they evicted her from the home. The problem was they took her in because of other problems and in doing the favour she tried to murder the guy for his money. Funny thing is he has no real money it was all on what he earned online etc. so killing him was the end of the golden goose if she had. I have a long list of people of things that can and do go wrong and often ends in murder. I don’t think the murder rate is that much higher than anywhere else in the world infact its probably lower. I think the difference is though that instead of being some junkie breaking into your house or a drunken thug on the way home from the pub with his mates looking for someone to beat up. Here its often linked to family, friends and workers.