The rains have stopped in Cebu and the summer begins

kids playing in pool

The rains here in Cebu seemed to have continued longer than usual and I for one was glad to see the back of them. The last couple of days seen the rise to the air being put back in the pool and Zoei going into her favourite habit water! As you can see from the photo she’s more than happy to see the pool back in action as is Zoei’s friend a daughter of my wife’s old school mate.

Wonder if we will end up with a drought this year as usual as the weather has been a lot wetter so hopefully the deep wells are carrying more water than normal to see us through until the next rainfall. Now its also dried up means I can start travelling around more as muddy wet roads are dangerous as well as the soaking you get from riding a motorbike or scooter. On top of that the rise of the sun back in the sky and the dry environment now leads to the Jeepy back onto the road and beaches here we come!

One of the advantages of living in the Philippines is due to the make up of the islands most people seem to live on the coast which leaves you generally no more than 30mins from a beach. For us due to the pollution and garbage in the water we have to head south to cleaner waters at the same time this also leads to a day out good for all seeing other parts of the island the further you get from the cities the cleaner the water gets and greener the landscape. Natural beauty to be admired and a pity the sanitation and waste management around the cities hasn’t cleaned up their act to put the beauty on everyone’s doorstep.