The Racist Pinoy –

This is an article written by my brother in-law who is busy working hard in Macau and sort of shows one of the traits I have seen a lot here in the Philippines especially when people have financially jumped from little money to millions of Pesos. People forget where they came from and more importantly how they got there. It’s also a problem in the West the “arrogance” but not to the same extremes as I have seen in the Philippines and from some Expat’s wives.

The racist pinoy –

As an OFW me myself is very honored and pleased to met some fellow country men in abroad.A new beginning of friendship start growing knowing that you’re not alone to travel in a place you never know.meeting up with some fortunate kababayans who are lucky to travel  in some part of the globe with their family and friends.Since I my first day working abroad it has been my pleasure to serve and welcome all pinoys I met in either at work or outside in macau.

But sad to say that there are some of pinoy try to look down us OFW’s especially in the F&B service.They may humiliate you  in there own language .Unfortunately one unlucky kababayan  try to say something she felt comfortable towards us OFW.

One busy day a group of filipino travelers from Cagayan de Oro I met in the place i work asking for some advice whats the best place to go around somewhere else.Open hands I give them all the info about everything they want to know as I have more experience here in macau about traveling and some tourist destinations which i can give advise to my guest.

They felt very thankful which I am also delighted for them….after  a few conversation they leave the place and promise to be back see me after their trip..unexpectedly another kababayans arrive as far as I know  one of them is a friend to the person ask me some info… later on I approach to their seat and ask them some drinks and but I heard that lady saying something which she think I dont understand  whats she’s saying about.I felt like embarassed and insulted about what I heard…but I pretend not to listen as I only look straight to her eyes …few minutes later the guy I met first arrived and talk to me in cebuano dialect and the its like the whole place has been quiet for a minute and all the people look only in one place towards the face of the person who says all the best word she felt so nice in her own thought…Shamed on that lady  in front of her friends try be a racist to her kababayans.

3 comments for “The Racist Pinoy –

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    June 5, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    I think a lot of the problem is many people are outside the country which is why they are left open to be easily abused. Also the building codes are not tightly enforced to make sure standards are kept.

  2. Rene Reroma
    June 5, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    Not only in the Philippines. Everywhere. Very long, long time ago, who ever had said 'caveat emptor'? On anything, it's not good to trust others easily.

  3. Guy Rendon
    June 5, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    It just proves to you my friend that having money doesn't mean that you get to have “culture” and wisdom. Having money doesn't buy anyone “class”.

    It is plain ignorance and yes “arrogance” is what makes one a racist…without even realizing it.