The problem of ownership in the Philippines hold it back in time

This week has been an irritating one with people letting goats roam in the neighbourhood as they take them to someone else’s lot to graze (without permission) and to find that a lot of our plants were damaged during the process to today finding tomatoes have been stolen during the night.

Before someone mentioned to me about his 600 strong duck farm he gave up on because the staff stole the eggs every day as they couldn’t see anything wrong with it same as the neighbours breaking in under the cover of darkness. But it all comes down to lack of respect and lack of doing basic laws of ownership. There is a mentality which can only be described as its ok to steal as most people don’t recognise boundaries no doubt why they recognise a shotgun at a mall but at the same time this stuff really irritates me as it keeps the Philippines in the dark ages.

Why? Well here’s a few examples the 600 strong duck farm no longer exists he tired of the locals so sold everything and now just happy to sit with his empty fields not producing anymore how many people did it put out of work your guess is as good as mine as it was a fraction of what else was being done there. Luzon

My friend Neil has 16hectares of fish farms none of them produce anymore same reason his caretakers stole all the fish to the point there was no harvest. Because they would sneak out on a boat at night with fish food and net the fledglings yep that’s right didn’t even let the fish grow! Negros

Another friend another fish farm they agreed a percentage of the harvest for the workers as they no longer live in the Philippines the amount has gotten smaller and smaller over the years due to the workers greed even though they get a bigger cut of the harvest than they would get elsewhere the fish farm is for sale and already stopped production. Bohol

Someone decided to start teaching his neighbourhood about growing on catfish as well as breeding as a livelihood project. Originally started by wanting to help people develop themselves and its something he’s got a keen interest in himself. After he started teaching people broke into his garden and stole all his catfish because they now knew he had some. Not sure if he still teaches.

Point is people blame the government in the Philippines for everything yet where is peoples responsibility on stopping each the basics of crime? where is even the understanding someone who’s helping their community should be protected and assisted not used and abused. Not all Filipino’s are like this but the problem is with over 70% of the population below the poverty line how many does it make in a community willing to commit crime without thought? How many?? I look at it this way first reason when a thief gets caught over a rich person they were robbing excuse number one “they are poor”. Car accident happens a drunken motorcycle rider runs into the side of a new SUV and damages the SUV the police ask the SUV driver to pay not only for the damages but also to pay for the motorcycle riders hospital bills “BECAUSE HE IS POOR”. Its the get out of jail free card and it gets used all the time.

Poverty is no excuse for stealing from others regardless of circumstance. Its called self-respect, discipline and the fact your a cog in the wheel for a bigger picture. If people can’t function with the basics in society there is no hope of progression as people who can create jobs, bring money to an area and want to be here simply leave or stop engaging with the people outside their gates. Poverty is an excuse for bad behaviour and lack of respect.

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  1. Cheetah
    June 27, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Great article, well said, and so true!! Love your blog…