The planet and a world without borders

Something keeps cropping up lately to do with a sense of nationalism in the UK as regards jobs going overseas and my lack of interest in the Royal family to name but a couple of reasons for this post.

Thing is I was never 100% set on the shores of the British isles as a base I lived abroad until 1989 and have travelled many other countries before I was even old enough to own a passport. The truth is when you look at other cultures and not from a tourist point of view but from a local perspective you start to know certain things work and others that don’t.

When you look at unemployment for example I see many people wanting to work in other nations but find as you get involved with social housing most people lack an interest and think its a “right” to sit on their backside at the cost of everyone else. Yet I know others that will criticise the Philippines for people doing the same but earning off their OFW relatives instead. But the thing is its exactly the same issues lack of respect, lack of work ethics, lack of responsibility and more important lack of caring that lets them away with it. Its partly why I left the UK as I see my taxes rise to accommodate people all over the country that are literally doing nothing except whine about Eastern Europeans taking their jobs. Question for me is why weren’t they in the jobs in the first place and there wouldn’t have been any to take?

Germany I found the country very regime but it functions and people generally know how to take care of the countryside, the places they work and the places they live. Can’t say the same about a lot of the UK or the Philippines. There are serious issues in Germany as regards housing costs as well as others but at the same time I enjoyed my 6 years there without too many problems. Had the odd protest with the “British go home” as I lived there during the time the Berlin wall came down at the same time I found most people I met were either for or against British people with no dithering in the middle or being two faced.

Anyway before I start wondering through France,Greece and other countries in comparison I will put this post back on track which is the fact borders have collapsed without most people noticing it going on. Mainly on the financial sector such as Santander buying up British banks to try and keep itself afloat as well as getting a UK bailout. At the same time you have French companies involved in the Nuclear power for the UK, most of the electric suppliers are also foreign owned as well as gas and oil coming from abroad. It often seems to me people get a false sense of nationalism as simply the UK is no longer British take British Airways it merged with Iberia, BP another flagship name (based on information 2009) is owned by British based representatives for 40% of the shares the rest being other parts of the world next big owner being U.S. based owners. National dish is the curry and I just wonder what it is to be British these days since the thousands of illegal’s that entered the country pretty much show that borders don’t exist in the sense of the way life was.

I’m not all negative by the way with the UK as I find its progression to a global community and yet this is why I get irritated by people saying its a “right” to be unemployed and not pay for anything for an entire life in fact we are seeing 4th generation unemployed families. If the burden of unemployment was reduced it would reduce taxation which makes companies more competitive abroad as well as would help force down the inflated prices of things in the UK. I see it in the Philippines just as much where building a sub division suddenly takes land value from P300 to P3000 – P5000 just because they say so with no real added value except for a half asleep security guard sat on the gate. I see in the UK people telling me they can’t find a job yet a big banner outside McDonalds “recruiting now!” salary isn’t great but its a company that the guy sweeping the floor can end up owning a store can’t say that for many other companies. The song “billionaire” says it all where the whole idea is purely about money, no brain power on how to get it or how to work towards it just sitting there waiting to be discovered. Madness is I have seen this for real in many countries including the UK and the Philippines. I always remember a comedian talking about East London as she was from Afro-Caribbean roots and said about guys pulling up next to her all blinged out in a BMW or Mercedes the joke being “yeahh.. nice car, no job, no house” and its how many people are living. Its all fake everything down to that golden jewellery that turns your neck green. When I was at college I worked in a restaurant, I work in a nightclub not great jobs but it paid my way through college which is why I have no sympathy for others who think they are too good for working in McDonalds yet too often they struggle to even read or write.

The global marketplace has opened up workers from everywhere and the difference is they don’t think they are too good for any job in fact they are glad to have any job. Taking our jobs in the UK I think too many people gave the jobs away. Now the outsourcing is gaining strength the world is going to revolve more about where the money is rather than people. Many won’t like it but its the arrogance of many countries that have caused the void to open up at the same time the same people make it someone else’s problem which is why others move in and swiftly mop up.

I remember my uncle telling me about one of the last dockyards on the Clyde where he worked the union reps were called in on the negotiations for a ship building contract. The industry if you don’t know had been dying for years in Scotland. But in come a major contract but it had to be negotiated, everyone waited and finally the union reps come out telling everyone how they weren’t going to let the dock workers take a pay cut for the contract and that as such the contract had now been awarded to Australia. Cost the jobs of hundreds of people that day, some may think the unions were right but I am sure that if it was yourself you would prefer to be in a job than joining the dole queue in a high unemployment area.

As time is going forward Asia is re-establishing itself as the centre of world China didn’t dominate 18 of the last 20 Centuries for nothing. The US like the UK is riddled with debt and in the same manner isn’t looking forward to telling people it has to be repaid. The odd thing is if Western nations had worked more on their countries as a whole they wouldn’t be in this mess but then again banks aren’t nationalistic or owned by countries they are business organizations which are global which is why it was so easily done.

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  1. Milfer
    April 11, 2011 at 4:45 am

    Not sure your completely right on this one Matt but the way all this crap happened in Libya and even Donald Trump said its all about the oil yet people seem to assume its humanitarian does seem the planet is being manipulated and most people seem dumb to it. How to combat it is the thing as I know you don’t like banks and its something most people are stuck with even on the unemployment queue as governments have simplified the system for benefit payments straight into your bank so I think we are ALL DOOOMED!!!