The Philippines And Us


Someone recently mentioned a mix on the posts between old and new as older posts often get regenerated to the front of the blog as many readers haven’t read the older stuff. Also brought up was the mix between things being good about the Philippines and bad.

In reality the current situation is I am currently looking at justifications of why to stop long term with the kids. Sooner or later the bubble will burst for OFWs with the current trend and even if it didn’t people may not be aware of the shrinkage already in the OFW’s going abroad. The Philippines population is still exploding and its not full of scientists and problem solvers instead most entering the world at the bottom of the food chain. Lets be fair here if your smart you may still be religious but it doesn’t mean you will throw away your life having 10 kids you cannot support. Problem is your smart, you get a job build a future but then population growth still goes on and more people sit with their hands out expecting you to feed them. Yes it also goes on in other countries and I am sure the UK is going to give itself a bloody nose soon to sort its economy out, it doesn’t have a choice its running close to coming off the rails.

The difference in the Philippines is not welfare state but the way things affect people in different ways and this is the difference. In the UK people will expect the same standard of living as me even though they have never worked for it. In the Philippines its more a case of stealing or doing without, tapping into the electricity lines illegally which forces up bills for people that actually pay. If not that generally the greater amount of the populous uses very little electric if at all. No refrigeration, maybe a few bulbs in the house but generally a tiny amount of electric. Problem is like most things everything is percentages if people are stealing electric that causes a 10% rise it may be P20 for local Joe but for us its P600 and this is when it gets into standard of living as the power of the majority is always key to screwing it up for those wanting to better themselves.

UK I am sure we can work the system (Not social system!) in a way that saves us money as generally we are used to living a more simple life than most would find acceptable in the UK. When I hear people complaining they couldn’t afford to buy the kids the best presents this year in the UK or they had to get loans I simply think idiots. Here in the Philippines I have never even heard someone say “what would you like for Christmas?” as generally its a food celebration tied with the religious aspect. Its not about Nike,Ipad or some other branded junk even though you will find morons on the TV telling people to remember to get the latest gadgets. Does show the divide between rich and poor to the point many of the rich probably don’t even look out into the shanty areas pretty much seeing them as invisible they are so disconnected.

But what has this got to do with the Philippines? Education for a start because a lot of people are thinking education purely on school activities yet can you tell me how many kids around you can swim here? In the UK I know the kids will be taught swimming, there is rock climbing in the same town, plenty of sports facilities and just generally the chances of success, good education and a better lifestyle are well above what the Philippines can offer us. Don’t get me wrong though as an adult if I was 20 years older I may retire here right now though its not for me and it would be nice to travel Europe with April and the kids.

The UK isn’t going through a great time right now I admit but its also a good time to head back with things being uncertain as I am expecting something serious to happen to jumpstart the country. It won’t all be sunny on the other side for sure but its also relative to cost of living as I am sure things will continue here in the Philippines while we are abroad growing, I am sure we will be putting money aside for furthering our position in the Philippines. We need more land and we also need more capital for things I have in mind. In the UK there has no doubt been companies folding that have opened up markets that weren’t there before leaving gaps in industries.

For example when the potteries all started to close in Staffordshire that employed hundreds if not thousands of people it was the death of large scale but lots of small enterprising previous workers started small factories even from garages. Why isn’t this possible today? This is how I view the UK at the moment as although everyone seems to be throwing in the towel with China they are still producing junk for the better part of anything they supply. Good quality items will always have a market and a premium. Problem is during the boom years small businesses jumped in size and debt based on growth (growth the doom of the West). Growth is a myth as far as I am concerned as it can only really be based on debt growth or population growth either way its not what I call stimulation of a business or an economy. In reality though you do have many doors open up with machinery now up for sale or bankrupt that can produce quality goods or even buying for resale. Whatever the options are often many people in the UK overlook possibilities due to “hassle”. In the Philippines every avenue that can be exploited often is especially at the high end and low end of the market. The problem is servicing the middle market is often troublesome due to imports/exports and just general availability of goods.

So its nothing to do with hating or disliking the Philippines its simply the fact it doesn’t fit into our present life situation. The kids need a good education and a network of good connections for the future. Those will fair better in the UK than they will here. At the same time the Philippines and UK developments will often overlap as I want to develop trade between the two countries and there is always avenues to explore.