The Philippines and its scams

There is a minority (yes minority!) of people who scam foreigners for money and in some cases have even murdered after marriage. But there is also the sex tourist who promises a girl everything and after a few days in a village/town/city and engaging in sexual relations with a young filipina hanging on to his every word disappears and is never seen again a lot of the time moving onto another location and spending 2 – 3 days with each woman that he has met via the internet overtime. Which if you do the maths and the fact that there is likely to be no birth control there is a chance of a lot of fatherless children being born into poverty.

So where is this topic going. Well im just trying to encourage people to think more before they react. The internet boom has created a lot of internet cafes in the Philippines and a lot of access to the net for people. Western guys easily hand over £20.00 (around $40) via Western Union without a second thought to people they have never met. Promises of love and affection and that aging heart feels 21 again soon blinds you and within weeks/months your sending regular funds. What you dont see is the facts from the other side.. that beautiful 24 yrs old virgin whos camera is always broken is a 45 year old married mother of 6 or maybe even a Bayot (gay). Either option is going to leave you heartbroken, out of pocket and unable to trust Filipinos. Which is totally unfair on the general population. The scams normally work something like this :-

you meet online and the conversations are general. How are you? How old? Where do you live? What is it like there? that sort of thing. . . but as you get closer you may start getting things like “my grandfather is ill and we have no money”. Next thing your sending a few dollars as it doesnt seem much to be giving. Then later on suddenly the girl has lost her job and cant help support her family, and appears to be crying (may not be on cam). So you think hey its only $200 a month ill match your salary dont worry! Then your hooked.. you now have someone you havent even met that is dependant on you for income and support. The scenario plays many ways but most end the same you arrive to finally met the woman youve talked to for months to find she isnt there to greet you at the airport, here cell phone is switched off and you never hear from her again. Positive side to that though is your now in the Philippines and can meet the real people but its a bit of a kick in the teeth if this is how your first visit starts. I have known of others with much worse stories who were infact engaged, rented an apartment for the fiancee while away back to the US and literally setup a second home in the Philippines to find out later the woman had multiple boyfriends sold the engagement ring and other gifts and played dumb when it came to confrontation of where the items went. Her neighbours kids that the guy enjoyed spending time with on his visit were infact his so called girlfriends kids and she was just hiding the fact. So be aware neighbours,family and friends may also lie to conceal the facts.

Similar can be said with the sex tourist who searches for Filipinas with high hopes of meeting a foreign guy and whos kidding people here.. most are looking for a better life! But only to be sold a dream that isnt going to happen. The guy arrives after all the promises and gifts and the beautiful Filipina is so proud to have this guy in her life who is handsome, smart and has a great job. A couple of days later he is recalled back to work after they have had a wonderful time together and the woman has given her virginity to this man but it doesnt really matter this is going to be my husband! He leaves and never heard from again. The young filipina is left with shattered dreams and may even be pregnant but even worse with someone interacting with so many women maybe also some form of STD and the shame she has now brought on her family.

My main point to this topic is a lot of the time the Filipinas get a much more raw deal than the guys. But either way its both wrong and shouldnt happen. Although its happening every day to 1000s of people and in increased numbers as the internet reaches more people and with increasing inflation in the Philippines.