The Philippines and its booming webcam cybersex industry.

It was a little odd to find that the sex dens were being mentioned on the BBC website today but then again its a growing problem within the Philippines. The Philippines already has a sex industry here which when talking with locals about it they quickly blame the Americans using the Philippines for R+R after combat as it wasn’t a problem previously in the country according to the people I have talked to. It may have been in existence before but without a doubt the American troops and airmen moved it from a cottage industry to a multi million pound business. Although most of the industry seems to revolve around Luzon there are places scattered throughout the Philippines and most people who reside in a town or a village will know of prostitution being available. At the same time prostitution is illegal in the Philippines and the current trend of sex dens is actually seeing a steep rise in the number of under age girls working within the industry.

The BBC report today showed how its generally done and most people here for some time will agree its normally a family member who grooms the children for personal financial benefit. In the BBC’s case it was an aunt who told a 15 year old relative that she could work as a babysitter in Olongapo which was miles away from the girls home. Upon arriving the aunt quickly showed the girl how to dress up and act in front of a webcam. The girl and her friend who was soon recruited were then encouraged and carried out acts in front of the webcams for money including getting undressed. These girls were lucky enough to be rescued but its a growing problem here in the Philippines and one the Police and justice system are struggling to protect children.

The first problem people are facing is that because its on the internet people are spread all over the place and often the dens are difficult to find due to the nature of the enterprise. Hidden away in rented apartments or other locations where the landlords generally may not even be aware of what goes on as their main concern is the rent being collected and not prying too far. With the girls also being roped into the business there may even be children hidden away not leaving the buildings which would also make it difficult to source the dens existence. The only things standing out being the internet and computers yet how many houses have the internet these days? People are hiding behind proxy servers, not even here in the Philippines on top of the problems of locating the dens locally. The source may be the Philippines but this is an international problem that needs international support. The networks these people are using must have some form of payment systems that can be tracked for payments to the owners of the webcam sex industry and tight regulation or even complete blacklisting of websites and associated websites operated by people suspected or convicted of entering into the underage cyber sex industry as well as seizing their bank accounts and funds should be done. As should searching through the list of electronic transactions to track people who are paying for the use of these services. No easy solution but an international crackdown may be the only way to kerb it as finding the people on the ground is not so easy.


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  1. Philip
    March 3, 2011 at 9:26 am

    This has been a industry here in PI, before I come here and all the years I have been here, am I am sure it will be here many years after I am gone.. I do not believe it will every be changed or stopped due to the fact, that 90% of it is agreed effort between both parties.. I am very, very against and condemn any kind of sex acts, agreed upon or not with any Minors.. That is just not acceptable in any terms,, period.. That is deplorable. But the fact you will find here in PI is that most all of these cam sites, bikini bars, casa’s, All of the girls are there because they want to be, or lets say they have a choice..
    Any person, girl or boy that is brought from a province, or not from a province that is deceived into thinking they are getting a normal job, and then, forced or given no choice or no way out, to commit sex acts.. That is WRONG. They (the recruiters) should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent.. What they seem to miss in the fact of what most issues and reports are about sex industry in the PI,, is that is just that.. A business.. Most of the girls are not forced, and know exactly what they are doing, and like it.. They could be dishwashers, or helpers, nanny’s, but they choose to do that kind of work.. Now, some might say, it so sad, they are forced because they is no jobs.. I could be a drug lord,, make more money, I could be a killer and make more money, but I choose a different type of job. Not as much money, but I accept it. We all have choices, and when people use the attitude they do not have a choice..( for those that really do.) That is just a excuse to make yourself feel better and not have to face reality..
    So will it ever stop.. For the ones exploiting children, and enslaving children or adults against their will.. I pray it does stop. For the industry itself, how can you stop something that everyone is in agreement with and wants.. The police can stop a cam site, or bikini bar and so call RESCUE the girls.. In two days, they are out and working in different place.. Put a sign outside your business that says,, hiring young, attractive girls between 18 and 23, with pleasing personality for exotic dancers, or live cam work.. Watch how many applications you will get in a short time.. The pay most of time is same as helpers, dishwashers.. Many would say it is the fault of the people who start the business.. If they is no place for them to work, it would stop.. If it was illegal, it would stop.. We know that does not work.. Next time you hear of a bikini bar being closed down.. Drive by and see how many of the girls who was working inside are standing on the road in front of the club, or close to the club.. Am i saying it is right ? Am I saying it should be ok ? NO.. I am just saying it is what it is.. Have to learn to accept it.. Save the ones who do not want to be there, if we can.. For the rest, we just need to accept their lifestyle choice..

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 3, 2011 at 2:18 pm

      Agree on the stopping of trafficking 100% as its becoming a booming enterprise here in the Philippines as well as other parts of the world purely down to the internet. At the same time I have very little to do with anyone involved in the bar industry here and its issues are down to the government to resolve. At the same time I would look to close down any bars operating in my area as its not something I will invite into the town I live. Not that I am a one man crusader but simply it doesn’t exist here and I don’t want it in Minglanilla. I am also well aware of the fact that several of the “political” families own bikini bars in the city so difficult to see the trade of “general” bikini bars stopping when the same “lawmakers” are part of the problem. The places already developed are up to the Filipino people to deal with but lets not forget here generally the police are targeting “foreigners” in the sex industry yet its recruitment and many of the bars are owned by locals.

      Will it be here in the future? London has a huge prostitution and porn trade that has been there a lot longer than I have been on this planet so I would say its unlikely.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 4, 2011 at 2:11 am

      Its a growing international problem in the UK since the collapse of the Russian Empire and EU lapsed immigration regulations trafficking has increased considerably. There have been cases in the UK where women were trafficked there by Russian gangs who then break the girls legs to force them to be raped to prepare them for the industry. Forced drug abuse and addiction is also used and can be found all over Europe.

  2. Tropicalnirvana
    March 3, 2011 at 9:51 am

    I am moving to the Philippine in June this year and this kind of story upsets me, even though I know things like this go on. I love when you advertise an apartment for rent and you say not sexpats. I am sure the neighbors of these sex denss know what is going on, they should step up as citizens and report them. I hope this problem gets better soon.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 3, 2011 at 2:10 pm

      Agree its upto “people” to fix these problems but also for people to progress.. so many things I find here are down to people turning a blind eye or lack of respect. Dumping litter in an empty lot, sitting in peoples parked vehicles for a nap because its there, cutting a path through someone elses lot because they are too lazy to walk round. The problem is raising the moral standing of people takes time and has to be brought in at many levels. When you have Police who are supposed to be a pillar of society collecting protection money from cockfights or politicians involved in drugs,guns,prostitution and murders where do people learn from?

      My only way forward is to simply do what I can do in my own little corner which is a no sexpat within my compounds and tenancy’s not just on a moral issue but position of trust by the landlords involved as they are nice family orientated people who do not need this on their doorstep.

  3. Thomas
    June 18, 2011 at 4:47 am

    I lived in the Philippines for two years, then went back to the USA. I have a hard time findingf the words to describe the depravity, lack of moral standards, and corruption that I saw there. Everyone you talk to says the police are the biggest criminals, which is really saying something, considering how much crime there is. Everything works on bribes. Children are working everywhere, including in the sex industry. Every girl in every bar is for sale, and many women on the street and in the shopping centers. The catholic church is one of the biggest players inthe countries political and socila life and is as corrupt as everyone else. Lying is part of the culture. The people are rude, and seem to only be interested in whgat they can get from you, or steal. Garbage is everywhere, poverty is everywhere. The wealthy people use the poor like slaves. It is truly a disgusting place. The entire country smells like burning garbage and sewage. The best day of my life was the day I left. To hear anyone speak of crime in the philippines as something thaty can be blamed on a small group, or any one group of people is laughable. It is everywhere, and every Philipino is to blame. SAorry, but I must tell the truth. Not used to it are you. The Philippines is a sad, pitiful country with little hope of ever getting any better. That’s why most Philipinos would do whatever they can to leave. I don’t blame them. I have known many Philippinos here in the US, and I really like most of them. All they need is a chance to change. It will never happen over there. This country is lost.