The Overheating Rusi Chinese Scooter

A bit annoyed as  I may be forced to cancel my last motorcycle trip before I leave the Philippines down to scooters inability to be a vehicle. I get the feeling most scooters and motorbikes out of China are manufactured by toy makers as they seem to last as long (around 12 months) before parts start falling off and failing.

The engine is now overheating and the root cause is the damaged back wheel I can’t get a replacement for. I quite literally have to replace the central hub and wheel to spokes which means the front wheel will also need changing. Not keen on this as its a waste of money since the scooter is about to be sat up soon until we return at some other time as we are gearing up to leave the Philippines. What the wheel i doing is “hopping” if you stick it up on the stand it starts flicking the back of the bike up in a buckaroo style as its no longer 100% round. This is putting excess pressure on the drive motor which is causing the overheating problem that’s making it impossible to go less than 15km before it overheats.

Any bike recommendations to others? Kawasaki,Suzuki or Honda stay away from any Chinese imports there is a reason they are cheaper to buy its because everything that has gone into one is poorer quality in comparison. Kawasaki Rouser is around P66,000 for the 135cc or P95,000 for the 200cc well worth the investment and still a very popular bike in India. The Honda XRM or CB are both good bikes and around the same price as the Rouser. May cost you an extra P20k – P30k but your going to save it in the long run as the maintenance of the Chinese bikes is also higher not including the fail rates on parts.

There are very limited choices of bikes in the Philippines and advise taking a look at what the locals buy rather than what you like as you will see most are Honda.