The one day millionaire of the Philippines

Its a term that crops up now and again and something a lot of Expat’s fail to see to often. The easiest way to describe it is imagine having a big house or a nice Pajero the bank comes and repossesses it after none payment of the bills for the vehicle etc. But you will still go to your neighbours and friends remember when we had that Pajero or the big house by the beach etc. It is probably one of the biggest causes of financial hardship here as the “your rich” mentality cuts in too often and if you have a partner who also buys into it your looking at people frittering your money like no tomorrow. I have seen it in the UK as well mind as someone I know even has his salary collected by a baliff because he cannot be trusted to pay even his rent after losing his house. At Christmas they still buy goods which well exceed their budget and in a cycle that will never change. Personally if I got caught in this loop with someone I would pull the plug rather quickly as most people don’t seem to understand that overspending pretty much cripples you financially and may even lead to heading back to your home country sooner rather than later. Same with helping family members out be aware that everyone thinks you have a constant cash flow who will just spout money when needed. From day one don’t get caught up in it the way I look at it I earned the money I gained it. If i decide to give a gift its my choice as soon as someone “expects” something that’s it everything stops because the point of a gift is that its given freely not blackmailed or extorted.

So if your partner is a one day millionaire would strongly advise putting things right asap. Some days you will try to avoid it other days you will be frustrated or it could be like some of the Expats I meet here who are constantly working to try and keep up with the Jones’s I ask why? you come here for an easier life why let someone dictate the way your life should go? It’s like the second hand Pajero’s and Hong Kong copy Prada that I see people trying to promote as “king” here. Remember where you come from I try to avoid getting on the comparison of wealth as it may seem I come across as arrogant but in the UK I have flown planes and helicopters worked with and earned more than most people I associate with here. Some of my associates race Porsches and have personal helicopters at the end of the day its the old life. I didn’t come here to be living to that level and I can live without it all. I came here for an easier life and one that is more simplistic and rewarding. I dropped out of the rat race but its about time some people told these “one day millionaires” to stop being so arrogant and the Expats running around trying to make the money to keep their wife within budget just stop! if she won’t stop its time to call it a day and move on your worth more than that. Attractive and smart women are everywhere you can easily find a better match and one who treats you as a person and not an ATM so wake up! move on..

2 comments for “The one day millionaire of the Philippines

  1. David
    June 2, 2010 at 7:57 am

    I also live in the Philippines (Dumaguete). I can relate to your post. I have found that the views on money are culturally driven. People here are used to living from day to day and can't conceive of budgeting. After many fruitless discussions with my girl friend (now wife) I finally hit on an analogy that got my point across: “Imagine a bag of rice that must last a month. You split it up into 30 equal piles knowing that if you eat only 1 pile per day, the rice will last the whole month. Eat more than 1 and you go hungry at the end of the month.” Maybe it was that analogy by itself or combined with other discussions but the light bulb of understanding finally got lit.

    Here's an expression I think you'll like: Giving a gift engenders gratitude. Giving many gifts engenders expectation.

  2. Tropicalpenpals
    June 2, 2010 at 11:14 am

    The rice idea of explaining the budgeting is a good one as often we hit points where I am scratching my head as why things are so expensive sometimes and its often related to things I thought have already been paid or extra bills that I haven't budgeted for because nobody tells me until the “we just paid”. Which on a monthly/weekly or quarterly budgeting which is the way I like to do it becomes difficult at best as you then have to re-jig everything to fit back into the budget. Will get there sooner or later mind!