The olive branch – family disputes and problems in the Philippines

A discussion with some expats the other day threw up a debate on helping family. Which i was one of the few that think we should at least try to help. There are several reasons for and against. There is no true right or wrong answer as many have found out over time within each family like any other in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world you know your help means something to some and others see it as a quick buck to be made. When i left school i worked for everything i got i paid for myself through college working in a nightclub and later on by being a full-time carpenter during the day and going to-night college. So i know what its like to not have opportunity dropped in your lap. But this doesn’t mean im a walk over. There was a house we built that would have passed to the family when we left to the new house which would have been part of redevelopment of a family compound. But after a few politics i scrapped it. The idea being that the rentals gathered from the work that would have been carried out would go 50/50 until the debt of construction was repaid.  We have a piggery near completion which although i know many would say the profit is low. But its like the guy that invented the 10p lucky bag. 10p is nothing but if you sell millions of them it’s suddenly a lot of money. Its more of a supplement income which will be 50/50 every 4 months yielding a small profit. There are many other options on the cards but after a few politics who i can trust has been reduced a lot.

Getting back to why to help. There are several reasons, main one being is ability i worked hard for what i got and have always made opportunities to make money even when there were many others failing at the same projects. If i can help now and it helps the family increase in wealth then the future is brighter for many. If things go to plan long-term the investments me and my wife will have with several businesses will mean a sustainable income within the Philippines. Everyone expects you to fail and many want you to fail most reasons are down to their personal failure or businesses going under for things out of their control. But that’s just business. You can’t win them all but you can stand up brush yourself off and start again.