The NoFollow rule in websites and how to find it

Search engines decided on a nofollow rule to help stop spam. Basically you know when you get comments like :-

John Doe :- “Great site come and visit the roulette table at WEBLINK” 

These types of spam generally end up in thousands of locations although it may seem its to do with advertising its the SEO guru’s at work spamming the internet to create backlinks and thousands of them for websites they are working on for clients to help jump rankings and to gain a high page rank in Google. Now the only issue with NoFollow though is that it can affect you building backlinks or you find people that your linking with are literally giving you NoFollow although your letting them get the follow back from your site. This has created a bit of an issue on the Web as bloggers started to collate DoFollow lists to avoid sites that don’t link back and concentrate on comment systems with a DoFollow system in place. May not sound important but there is a site I was using before I no longer comment on for this reason simply because the owner is all about the money while pretending to help others. His SEO is primarily geared to help him and no one else, so what does this mean to you and me?

First thing is all websites and blogs owned by all DOFOLLOW and will that way. As regards spam after the spur of abusive emails and comments on the system all comments are manually checked now to keep the site up to date and relevant. So there will be no spam entering the blog at least not for long as it will be deleted swiftly. For those who are trying to help build their site up please comment but more importantly make sure its relevant! I don’t want to know about a Casino in Vegas and neither do the readers. If your looking to get your site noticed online I recommend commenting and lots of it on sites of “relevance” as this will build up your links but more importantly people will see your comments and a good chance they will click on your name on the comments to link back to your website/blog. There are tools out there that will tell you if something is Nofollow or Dofollow and I advise getting a browser plugin for that function. Mainly for the sites your competing with to see who is and isn’t following others.

For Free software that checks for NoFollow you can get this Firefox plugin