The multicab and me

We already own a Scooter in Cebu, but due to having a young child it limits days out due to having to hire a bigger vehicle. Realising that having a “nice car” here is like throwing money on a fire for many reasons. The climate makes things rust at a very high rate. Vehicle theft is very high and getting car spares is difficult and expensive. Aswell as having a nice car draws to much attention from the wrong sort of people. So we opted for the Multicab. Which comes in various designs due to its adaptability which is another reason i like the vehicle.

Ours is currently a pickup version :-

multicab,4x4, suzuki,daihatsu,small pickup

rust in vehicle,rust in multicab,vehicle damage

The original picture looks fine and ready for the road and we did use for a week before we even started the repairs. What you cant see and im having problems uploading is the rust holes on the side panels, tailgate and footwells. Which have all now been repaired for around P4,500 the body filling and respray will cost another P7k.

preparing for re-spray,rubbed down vehicle,grinded pickup side

It looks worse than it really is the repairs have strengthened the body aswell as improved its look.
welded repairs on multicab,vehicle repairs,body shop repair
new metal supports in the back of the multicab
The engine is in good order although requires an oil change that ill probably just do myself. The other problem we had was lack of hand brakes but after the drums were adjusted all the brakes are now working fine including the hand brake. Its registered until next year and ready to go. We have travelled out to Carcar, Argao and the only problem weve had is my seat gets hot (the engine is underneath). But the vehicle itself is running well. So far our investment would be :-
P4.5k repairs
P7k Filled and respray
P40k Purchase
P51.5k – The original selling price was P50k we bartered down to P40k and there had already been some work undertaken on the vehicle before our purchase (repairs of another P7k).
Now ive seen multicabs in the malls for around P160k which is great if it “WAS” new but welding an old vehicle together and a quick respray just doesnt constitute new to me, but some people part with money to easily.
The Multicab over another vehicle has already proved itself in the flooding with its 2 and 4wd system which got us through some water logged slippy roads. Its also recieved a dent in the door while parked at Gaisano Fiesta in the Passenger door which goes to prove dont waste your money! Get something cheap. Dont park on the street unless you want rid of it (Because it will be gone by morning) and just enjoy your time in the Philippines.. This is the most realistic form of transport ive found. Many of the roads are too narrow for such things as ford Rangers and very steep for using a normal car. I can see why the multicab is a major vehicle in RP.
Fuel economy is great i put P2,000 in the tank that lasted about a month. Ill need to track the miles to see what the fuel factor is but i look at it this way :-
Visiting SM or Ayala return Journey via Taxi = P360 which i may do as much as 2 – 3 times a week
Argao or any other sites we want to see ? = Will be around P3,000 for the day hiring a vehicle.
Buy furniture or materials = P200 / P500 delivery.
So you can see why having a multicab can save you money with a short period of time. Aswell as gives you the freedom to travel around something you may have to rely on others, public transport etc. to do. I usually use my scooter for local running around but its not starting again. Its been more headaches than its worth lately although did pay for itself on my last trip by the amount i saved on Taxi fares.
One last note is watch for door bumps! people will dent your vehicle and drive off. Which if you look at my front door its no small dent i received when i came back to the parking lot at Gaisano
dent in door,car door damage,damaged vehicle carpark

large dent Salamat!

Another fine reason why not to spend to much on a vehicle in the Philippines.

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