The Mosquito

mosquito The daily enemy you come across in the Philippines will always be the mosquito although in reality its more likely caused by your neighbours in the first place. Good housekeeping is often a problem I come across in the Philippines as ignorance is bliss yet the same people will complain they’re kids are sick without even thinking they caused the problem.

This is the odd thing though with mosquito’s and an easy one to prove that Mosquito’s prefer foreigners to locals or should I say foreigners attract mosquito’s more easily than locals. Why? because mosquito’s are attracted by our breathing and more importantly body odour in a tropical climate who is going to be sweating more the guy sitting in his peddle cab or the foreigner who’s just arrived off a plane sitting down? In so many ways our bodies take time to adapt but also there are strange things I noticed with other creatures. Ants for example when I was in Naga with April they wandered round her feet yet instantly took a liking to biting mine what is the attraction there?

Point being though the mosquito in the Philippines is a disease carrier and one to be avoided where possible. Anyone who has experienced Dengue will tell you its not a nice thing to have and ill is an understatement as people literally die every year from it in the Philippines. Mad thing is like many other things it can be heavily reduced by cleaning up the rivers, removing old tyres etc. etc. but many a deaf ear has heard it from me already.

One thing that is cheap to do is screen up your windows if your renting a place check with your landlord (especially if you haven’t signed yet get them to agree to do it for you for free). The doors are always worth sticking rubber strips on as well because it also stops cockroaches flying into your door at night then scurrying around accidently entering your property.

I also advise if your doing your own garden research the plants as planting some anti mosquito plants work a treat although we have some bushes at the moment that look nice but give them a good watering in the afternoon you can see hoards of mosquito’s coming off them shortly before you start feeling the bites.