The Migration Brain Drain.

migration brain drainOver the last couple of years the expression “Brain Drain” is going on all over the planet. I’m just wondering where the majority of brains are going. Now I know locations such as the Philippines its a case of the well educated given an opportunity to go to another country for everything from being an engineer, doctor, nurse to a nanny etc. But the big problem is what happens if you lose all a countries well educated? I haven’t been in the Philippines long enough to see if the standard of education has dropped because of the brain drain which has allowed teachers etc. to move to another country for a better life or that the type of education is the problem. I have met a lot of people over the time I’m in the Philippines from all walks of life and around 90% of people don’t even know where the UK is never mind other countries. Now don’t get me wrong its not an attack on the Philippines as I look at the UK system and I can see that the exams are getting easier year on year out to allow fudging of figures as well as universities “having to” accept people from “deprived areas” with poorer grades over good grades and nice areas. It can only damage the system. Now a brain drain in the UK has a different affect because its not the engineers etc. that are a major issue although there is plenty of vacancies but the fact that well educated, career minded and business orientated people leave each year in droves which not only do you lose the brains but you also lose the money. The Philippines on the other hand has an inward economy which is relying on its overseas workers to support their families back home so have pretty much tied the people to the country. But the UK? I find a lot of people have left bitter of the country and the way they feel treated. Me I see the UK as a factory and no longer a homeland it has abandoned me as it has many others before me.

So where are all the brains going? Well I was part of the furniture industry back in the recession of the 90s and most manufacturers moved to eastern Europe because it was the only way to survive. Now your seeing the sleeping dragon awake in China this has sent a new wave of brains and money to Asia. What a lot of countries aren’t realising is filling this void is near impossible and why there are so many gaps opening up in the UK medical services for example. The next stage will be getting things done will become harder due to a lack of lecturers and even skilled trades as things move to a new Era. The recession is a glitch that most countries badly affected will never recover from. Mainly because Asia is starting to get its act together with manufacturing and also quality. They have the money.. a tax system built for manufacturing and now the missing link has been given on a plate the business owners and developers.