The life in the UK compared to life in the Philippines (for a foreigner)

In the UK you are generally tied to a rent or a mortgage which regionally changes but for Worcester would be around £400+ a month as even the smallest bedsit is at least £300. You then have your own electric card meter to deal with which run at a higher rate due to the costs involved for you and the electrical company. You take a pre-payment card to a petrol garage or small store who will “top up” your card with credits when you pay them. Then you can head home and stick your card in the meter to get the electric back up and running. Same goes for gas for the heating system. Food bills seem similar in the UK to the Philippines that is if you bought mainly imported goods. The main difference though is in the UK its mainly pre-packed and microwave meals. Eating out could easily see you slip through £60 for two people and the taxi home is a bit of a roulette maybe £10? I worked on my figures in relation to OFW’s and people I know in the UK and it works out roughly that 1 person in every household is covering all the bills. The little extras come from the 2nd wage earner as the UK is a country of working homes e.g. both partners work. Which is leading to a social decline as kids are spending more time without their parents and its a trend that financially is currently impossible to change.

The Philippines on the other hand I talk to friends and most of my Filipino friends are female breadwinners finding that their income is supporting not only themselves but often parents and siblings as well. Most working families generally own their house outright so no mortgage or rent there. A foreigner coming to the UK with his Filipino wife mind would be able to buy a house outright for the cost of what it would take to get a deposit for a mortgage in the UK. Food is generally fresher here as the Fish, pork and chicken are often killed/caught that day. Fruit is fresher and more freely available as well as cheaper. People talk of eating healthy in the UK as being expensive, I strongly believe its cheaper to do so in the Philippines as most of the stuff that is good for you grows here.

Renting out a home in the UK if the mortgage is paid off is often enough to get by in the Philippines. The difference with the UK is it costs a lot to be there even if doing nothing. Here doing nothing is relatively normal as most expats spend their days finding something to do as they manage to find ways to make incomes or living on pension funds which means time is yours.. eating out costs less than £10 for 2 people if I had a pension available I can’t really think of any reason to stop in the UK except for the social banter.