The joys of being a new father and proud husband

The last couple of days I have been smiling a lot more than usual which is something hard to do as I am known for smiling too much anyway.. But after our new arrival and seeing everyone was safe and healthy reality kicks in that its our newborn son. He wriggles constantly, tall and seems to be getting the tint of blue eyes slightly but will have to wait and see on that one. The bizarre thing is peoples interest in Willhelm as well though, nurses taking photos and earlier today I went to the viewing room with Jovie where a crowd of middle aged women had gathered viewing a child of their relation when Willhelm was put to the front of the window. I expected them to move aside when realising it was someone else’s child and it was time to swap over. But nope the opposite happened they were all curious on Willhelm with his white skin and size. Then the next thing began as I prepared my camera as I was looked at then the baby was looked at as they were checking comparisons on facial features with big smiles on their faces. I took some photos before some patients arrived to look as well seems Willhelm had become a local celebrity literally overnight.

April being the productive person she is had already started recovering early and was up and about tidying the room and preparing it for visitors even with a drip still attached to her arm. No point interfering as April has her own way of doing things and best thing to do is “do not disturb”. Recovering this morning her colour had returned to her face and we had a bit of time together to relax. Not for long mind as the regular arrivals of nurses continued throughout the day, as well as relatives and friends. There is nothing to describe the happiness in knowing not only is everyone ok but also how happy everyone is of the new arrival. Should soon be enjoying a bit of dropping out the limelight tomorrow and adapting to life back home. Will be interesting to see how Zoei reacts with the new arrival as well as I want to spend a bit of time with her as she’s been ill the last week.

One thing I can say is its great to be a father and not only am I proud of my wife and the way she has dealt with things not only to do with the labour but just generally in everything we get upto. But also the support we have of family although we have suffered with crab mentality in the extended members the relatives and our parents have always been supportive of us and for that I not only do we appreciate it we are thankful for having such people around us.

2 comments for “The joys of being a new father and proud husband

  1. Jane Rodriguez
    October 17, 2010 at 3:36 am

    Congratulations guys! ^_^

    • Tropicalpenpals
      October 17, 2010 at 6:56 am

      Thanks Jane 🙂 how are things with you btw?