The Jeepy


Earlier this year we had the opportunity to buy a Jeepy and got it at the right price. It had originally been sold by a relative to someone and the new owner died of cancer. Due to Aprils uncle liking the Jeepy he bought it back and then we ended up buying it from him. Point is there are good and bad Jeepys about and this one is pretty much a good one, there is virtually no rust on this one and although looking from the outside it looks like an old converted WWII Jeep it has a lot of differences once of them being the 1.6L 1996 Toyota engine which is rock solid. They are a lot more comfortable than the multicab which have taken over the Jeepy as a  status symbol for me I cant really see why as the jeepy is a lot more comfortable especially on bad roads aswell as having better grip and better long distance aswell as being able to take the top down. Ok you dont have the security features of a sealed cab but to be honest I dont think you need it. If your going somewhere you are normally stopping in a car park which is guarded. If your at home your within a secure compound. The only issue we initially had with the new vehicle was the radiator needed topping up but I think this is due to no overflow tank which is something I will have to look at adding (if the pressure is too high it pours the water out the side of the radiator).  We have taken it over a 2hrs ride and back without a single problem and I use it regularly inside the town because its a lot faster and a lot more solid in a crash than a multicab. Only feature it doesn’t have over the multicab is the open back for moving bigger goods although we did manage to get all are stuff (as in the photo) plus 6 people on the back. I also find the gearing is well setup as you rarely get into 4th but will pull a lot of weight as if it isn’t there.

Downside to the vehicle is obviously the lack of security. Aswell as the open doors etc can be a problem in the City with the amount of pollution flying around but if your driving into the Provinces its the ideal tool for good or bad weather.

The One major factor that got us to buy one aswell was the fact they aren’t held in to much respect anymore in the Philippines as the Pajero and multicab have replaced its use. Which means you can pick a good one up for around the P60,000+ mark.

I’m thinking of organising these for hire if there was enough interest from the blog at around P500 a day. As I know they do the job well and ideal for taking photographs due to the open doors. Would love feedback on anyone with a Jeepy and if interested in hire drop me an email.

The original Jeepy is a creation out of the WWII jeep although its unlikely to be an original chassis for obvious reasons.. But i would like to add that the Willey Jeep was a keen tool during the war and was even used by the SAS at times during the Africa campaign.

sas jeep 

These little beasts would go running straight through an airstrip and do as much damage as possible before disappearing into the desert once more. Armed with 3 different types of machine gun they were a thorn in the German armies side.