The internet cash for chatting..

Having an internet cafe is probably one of the prime locations you can find out why people scam and for what reasons. A lot of the blame lies solely on the foreigner who is quick to give money to people they have never met. But also I notice the people who do look for the soft targets work in groups. Not to the same chatter but they are sharing experiences and knowledge a bit like a fishing rod.. you caught the fish and your friends would be pull it away from the right side there is heavy vegetation down there.. give the fish more room, use the flex of your rod more.. etc etc. May seem an odd comparison but its things like “ If you want to ask for money don’t use the webcam” knowing that they maybe able to push for more pesos by not being visual or it could be “I haven’t got enough money for a cam”. So the next question from the foreigner would be is “how much is one?”. Either way its fishing for money. Do I have a problem with it? I don’t like anyone being scammed but as discussions go on with expats who have been here as long or longer than me generally people won’t listen to advice about living/coming to the Philippines. You sit back and hope they don’t fall into these mistakes but regularly they do and a few of my friends are waiting to see if I do.

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  1. Anonymous
    March 25, 2010 at 4:50 am

    i’m sure you wont