The hostage crisis still keeps the main story here in the Philippines

The last few days I have heard how it should have been done and how things went wrong. I hear of the reprisals in Hong Kong as we know people there who are being looked down on by the Chinese community and Filipinos are being called “monkeys”. The thing I look at is the fact that China is a selfish country anyway it chooses to employ its own over other nationalities and I have several friends leaving or who have already left due to the attitude of the Chinese in general and the difficulties they cause in allowing people to work within the country. I think its unfair and racist to treat people in such a manner especially when Chinese abroad expect to be treated the “same” as locals if not better. I think what needs to stop though is a lot of this self-destructive media that has appeared internally (Within the Philippines) and the same time common sense to be used. The photos of police posing for the camera outside of the bus, same as students etc. its a crime scene why are people even allowed near it never mind the stuff being leaked all over the internet causing more of a scandal out of this complete cock up.

There is a big “no” appearing on the media blackout idea on these situations yet has anybody actually thought of the common sense answer which is a 5 – 10 minute delay on media feeds? this way it can be filtered for things that shouldn’t be seen on public television as well as creating a delay long enough that stops the ability to give an edge to the hostage takers etc. If people breach it then they should instantly be blacklisted from any such situations in future and possibly arrested for assisting with a crime.

We have had several days of negatives hitting the news and its about time it stopped. Positive action is needed to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future and those who didn’t perform during the crisis are evaluated on if it is their fault, training or their senior officers. Either way its a learning curve that needs to be sorted out asap as simply don’t and its another crisis that could end in the same way waiting to happen.

This will be my last post on the incident purely because I don’t think writing anymore is productive. I feel sorry for the families who not only had to go through the ordeal of losing loved ones but also having to see it live on television as well as a botched rescue attempt before “body photos” leaked the media. Respect and dignity is something everyone should be entitled to and something the media here does not understand. I hope things will change for the better.


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