The guy who lied…

Hi Matt,

            i just wanted to share with you my experience with a foreign as a warning to others out there. I married a British who when we met told me about he had business and he was a good worker. I seen him as a good and kind man who wanted to take good care of me and we married two months later. After that things started to go wrong as I found he was in bad debts here in Philippines from bad guys but also he was lazy drunk. After six months I was still working my same job and also an evening small job to help try pay the bills but he remained a drunk. Why did he lie to me so much? as he was very different when I first meet him at around six months though I noticed he wanted to use my name for loans also which is when I left but was also now pregnant. These people he owes money to a very dangerous and very scary which is why I leave.

I now live back with my parents though they tell me my place is with my husband what should I do if I go back my life is over and I now have a child in my tummy that is more important than that lazy drunk. I just wanted to tell your readers be careful of foreign so many bad men out there and crazy.

Thanks Matt for letting me do this as it does help me telling others,