The Filipina

Living within the Philippines its difficult to see how people perceive Filipinos and Filipina’s abroad as simply I am here! but just wanted to cover something from what I see here in the Philippines everyday.

Generally the Filipina’s I know are all hardworking and family orientated even though their lives are often made harder by bad choices of partners. I haven’t heard of a Filipina leaving a guy yet but I have heard many stories of guys cheating, drinking, gambling and wondering into other girls beds which lead to separations which does make me wonder what happened to the Filipino guy? The society is still male biast at the same time they have had a female president of the Philippines and many seats of power are sat in by females yet the males seem to be heading in an opposite direction. I will often see even with the laundry women its the girls that help them but where are the boys? Which these and many other factors make the Filipina we often see who is hardworking, putting family first above herself and even more so willing to work and be a mother, wife and breadwinner in some cases to keep a family functioning without a complaint and smiles even in the worst conditions. I often look at the Philippines and think most of the problems are peoples making but I wonder is it? Jokingly a friend of mine on discussing the work ethic males out of the UK and the family hard working Filipina’s out of the Philippines said “but could you imagine a Filipino guy and a UK woman? (in reference to the benefit class and the baby breeders in the UK living off the state). Which to be honest I found funny simply because the number of guys I know who would be hardworking, family orientated and not drink the money away at weekends they earned or gamble is a lot smaller here than it should be. Before anyone criticizes this statement I would say though think about it yourself, in the UK I know less than 5 people that gamble and none that gamble their entire income, I do know a lot of UK guys that drink on a Friday and Saturday at the same time they still pay the bills and put food on the table. How many do you know that spend all the money?

So to be honest I take my hat off to most Filipina’s because life is often crap and they make the best of it. Often without money, having large families and living in a house without paint and a leaky roof they still grin and bare it with a smile. Just wish more Filipino guys realized what they had as we don’t have this in abundance in the UK anymore!