The Fat Kano


I was looking into reducing my weight more today and I also know a lot of people in the Philippines (foreigners) who are overweight and generally look more bloated than generally fat. My weight is going down but seems to be bulgy round the stomach (Thats not me in the photo btw!) but my point being is there are a few things that cause this in the Philippines aswell as other parts of the world :-

1. Poor exercise (It gets too hot to be running around).

2. Every day is a holiday so its a beer day (fill up on alcohol out of bordem).

3. We dont drink enough water. Which is the main reason behind that but magnifies when you are consuming alcohol as the body naturally starts to store a body of water.

4. Poor diet – ( Most people already have some bad food habits but often this is increased in the Philippines because of the costs you increase what your eating).


So how do you combat this? Firstly you need to change your life patterns which isnt as easy as it sounds, for example I like my cups of tea yet I will have to swap most of them for a glass of water instead as I should be consuming around 10 glasses of water a day. Exercise I will hopefully be getting the gym completed before I get home which will be a one hour a day event every day which I have done before. But doing this will also mean I can still pig out now and again on a nice meal as I will be burning more than I am eating. The beer day day thing doesnt really bother me its more of the wine evenings.. This is going to stop fully which still means social drinking with friends but the sat at home writing on the blog and generally bored side of things will be gone. As I will have to make myself more active which also works out better for everyone as I will spend more time with April and Zoei aswell as hopefully Nicole if she comes online. Main thing is looking at your life and making the change its not something to force upon yourself but more of a look in the mirror and decide.. do I hate the way I look or do I prefer the burger and fries with a sugar coated heart attack?