The famous “Thriller” prisoners

In 2007 Cebu was put on the map for something a bit unusual. It was the fact that around 1500 prisoners of CPDRC (Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center) danced to the music of thriller.

It was originally to help the prisoners do something positive and relieve themselves from boredom. A brain child of Byron Garcia who choreographed the synchronized performance. It was then posted on and has over a million viewings aswell as reaching Time magazines top videos of the year.

Its a good thing to see something positive being  done for and by the prisoners and not only that something that doesn’t cost the country a lot to fund (the complete opposite can be said about the UK). Something people can say they were part of in years to come.

If that wasn’t enough you can actually arrange to go and see the prisoners dance live by reservation via the Governors office telephone :- 253- 1970 or 253-6070 (ask for Catherine).

For others who just want to view different dances Byron has his own youtube channel at :-