The Fake trade, corporation games and Asia

Years ago the only thing I was interested in branded was basketball boots, before someone says they are trainers sneakers they weren’t they were higher backed to protect ankle damage. Pretty much everything else over the years the only reason I would buy Sony, JVC or Toshiba was that the name was a guarantee of quality that’s the whole point of buying a branded product. But in the last 5 years I have seen quality dropping off the radar in preference to profit from most companies as everyone moves to Asia and mainly China. Burberry for example closed its factory in Wales moving production and purely for profit reasons as the factory existed in Rhonda, Wales since 1939 but Burburry took over in 1989 and has now pretty much killed an entire village with the loss of around 300 direct jobs and obviously a lot more indirect. Truth of the matter its all profit and nothing else when an employee from the factory visited the Burburry london store to buy something with his Christmas bonus the only thing the voucher was good for was a scarf woggle. Wales salaries in general aren’t very good and no doubt the rates at the factory were probably close to minimum wage as well as receiving government subsidies to keep the place open. But still closed as you can make a lot more money out of China right? Well thing is sending all this technology east has pretty much opened the door and started the boom of the fake trade. I remember back in the 80s how cheap things were in Hong Kong and no doubt all these issues have multiplied that to a huge multi billion pound business as China woke up to consumerism and went manufacturing mad. Within the last 10 years my mentality towards the fake trade has changed. Originally I would have been against any fake goods but as companies have reduced quality and abandoned its customers and employees in favour of profit I can say if its fake and the same quality there is nothing wrong with buying it. Before I used to see it as taking business and jobs from the UK and no guarantee of quality. Nowadays I see the problem is I can’t see the difference between fake and real except price in many cases. I see the fake traders in the small malls and stores making a living that wouldn’t be so easily done otherwise. I see the demise of branding and no doubt someone will click to the whole point that quality is what we need not quantity and replacement brands from China will no doubt start to over run its Western competition.

In the Philippines I see copies everywhere I ride a Ruso motorcycle and Jovie’s boyfriend rides a Yamaha side by side you can’t tell the difference. Quality wise I will probably get about 18 months before I hit problems and maybe 3 years from the Yamaha they are both new so will see which fails first. The corrupt officials here are called crocodiles because of the fact most wear Le Coste polo shirts which come in via Manila bet they don’t come from the original store. The fake Prada, Gucci and other branded hand bags are big things with the women and you can see them in their hundreds around the malls either on peoples shoulders or in mini stores. I bought original Bench shirts here as well as jeans since they come from the Philippines they all shrank. All in all I think the corporations playing corporation games to maximise profit have start the ball rolling in the demise of their branding if their manufacturing links were better organised i.e. back in the countries they came from they could closely monitor imports as there shouldn’t be any stock coming in so something hitting a freight terminal  could quickly be sent for destruction instead of being allowed into the country.

Proof that greed will always lead to destruction if people aren’t careful.