The Fair Trade Shop – Cebu Fashion Show – August 2010

The Fair trade has become big business over the last few years as it tries to highlight the inequalities and child labour aspects of industries. Putting the emphasis on where things come from on the consumer to think and be more aware of the goods that they are buying.

The Fair Trade Shop Cebu and the Global Xchange Team 107 are choosing to be FAIR.This August, their unified statement is- “I want to be FAIR, do you?”

The Fair Trade Shop Cebu is launching “I want to be FAIR” campaign as part of its anniversary. Promoting awareness and offering information on the Fair Trade advocacy and how it works towards eradicating social inequalities.

Fair Trade SHOP Cebu

The campaign, with the guidance of their supervisor Geraldine Labradores, was conceptualized and created by 2 Global Xchange Volunteers, Toni Zuniga from Manila and David Thompson from England.

“Fair Trade is big in the UK. As more people become aware of the inequalities that take place in the trade system, more and more people are willing to pay a higher price as long as they know that what they are purchasing is traded fairly.” Thompson said.

“We hope that through this campaign, more people, especially the youth will realize by doing small changes such as buying Fair Trade products can affect the balance of trade in a big way.” Zuniga said.

The full campaign ads as well as the campaign launch will all happen this August 8 at The Fair Trade Shop Cebu office Room 102 Jose Martinez Building, Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City. A big product sale will also take place in the said event.

Join the FAIRness revolution this August! Be part of the BIG CHANGE!

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