The early hours in the Philippines

corridor, walkway

There is something I have experienced not only in the Philippines but throughout the world in the hours after 3am to around 6am which to me are the best hours of each day. There is little people around an almost silence but more importantly you see a lot of beauty that you miss throughout the day normally due to the hussle and bustle of daily life. The photo on the left for example was taken at Cebu Airport at 5.30am when I went to pick someone up the photo itself may appear rather plain but its that simplicity that captures the shapes and light an almost calming within the photo.The second photo was taken at the same location but caught the moon with the early morning sunrise through an open space within the roof design creating a frame. Its these sort of things that are well worth getting up early for because lets face it the hours up until 3pm after the sun comes up fully its really hot! somoon and sunlight nothing to stop you sneaking out early to enjoy the local environment then popping back to bed for a few hours when the temperature rises. Should give it a try and if you take any photos please share! I would love to know what you find.