The downside of being happy..

Things have been a bit odd lately as things are falling into place and pretty much going well. Then you will suddenly get emails or twitter messages regarding people not liking something on the blog or just the fact I am a foreigner in the Philippines. What is people’s problems? to be honest it bothers me for about 10 minutes then I go and find something else to do the frustration is not the the messages themselves but that I cannot understand some peoples mentality. At the same time I won’t let it ruin my day and I would like to thank those people that send me abusive emails for taking time out to write to me in such a descriptive manner although I would guess in many cases English grammer wasn’t high in your studies.

Today I am busy at the net-cafe as usual although about to start working on some benches made from felled trees from last year for outside. Might post some pictures later depends how good they look.. For anyone else who gets the internet flack please be aware its not just you and most of these people just sit and hide behind a monitor and keyboard its just not worth the time of day to entertain them.

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    August 24, 2010 at 8:37 am

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