The dirty side of Airsoft post removed..

The first post and hopefully the last post to be removed off TropicalPenpals was to do with the recent allegations of prostitutes and partying by organisers with funds from the organisation of an Airsoft Federation in Cebu. I didn’t make the allegations or statements I just pooled them at the same time the person making the statements seems to have made a U-Turn for some reason. Not sure if the reasons were unfounded or something else has been done to make a settlement of the disagreement. Either way I can’t clarify what truth is in the story so have removed it. Have received several emails from people that were implicated and that isn’t the reason it was removed but the fact the original writer has removed the original postings.. what does concern me is how much interest the story got I think if it is fake the organisers should look to make things more transparent as bad news spreads like wildfire and the reputation of corruption in many organisations and government in the Philippines is well known and expected.

Corruption is perceived as pervasive. The Philippines ranks 141st out of 179 countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index for 2008, a decline from 2007. A culture of corruption is long-standing, and enforcement of anti-corruption laws is inconsistent.

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