The Deciding Factors On Moving Back To The UK

I keep getting asked this so will just write an article to save replying to emails, but when I first came to the Philippines it was all shiny and like most things I have done in life its more about trying and experiencing first rather than listening to others. Not because I am stubborn (although I am) but often there are reasons for other peoples perspectives.

In the time I have been here there are things I just can’t find acceptable and wouldn’t want my kids developing the same. An example of this is parading the dead that often happens either in newspapers or television. Firstly Its disrespectful for the persons remains being showboated around as cheap entertainment either in car crashes, murders etc. but also it sends the wrong message to the next generations. I often come across people with photographs in their photo albums that simply shouldn’t be there involving decapitated bodies or other vulgar images that the think are “cool”. This sort of leaks into another thing that April was telling me about with a 3 year old child in our street where a teenager was telling her how he was going to the main road to murder her mother joking around. These sort of things aren’t acceptable to me as a human being but it gets worse.

There are things I have been assisting with in regards child protection and you come across so many people that are ignoring paedophile’s amongst them and would go as far as to say often justify child abuse with such things as “at least the child’s getting a warm bed, food and a roof over her head”. As acceptable behaviour and these are expats. You end up with such a tight circle of friends simply because you need any friend to be a “real friend” as anything outside of that is impossible to tell what they are up to. Its only spending time here you realise so much of the crap of the world has come to the Philippines doorstep as we end up with child abusers, sexpats and other gutter trash amongst the good people. Problem is if someone did a number count its probably more on the sex trade side than anything else counting up the expats. Recent events have unlocked some serious cases in the Philippines including the Thomas Michael Ruhland case involving sex videos with minors being made in Cebu and sold online, part of an international child abuse ring and glad to see that he’s now in the U.S. as part of the Dreamboard arrests under trial although personally think he should be doing jail time in the Philippines in one of the overpopulated prisons. That is the other side of the problem going back to “but this is the Philippines” or justification is many expats would actually jump to the conclusion he’s been framed by local police and its all just a setup etc. etc. now I have to admit the local media is terrible at follow up stories and often the lead stories in the news are wrong which is why the follow ups are important yet never seem to happen. But the fact is these people exist in large numbers in Asia as well as other countries where they have easy access to children. The disturbing part is the fact they often pay knowing relatives and even parents for letting them have their children to abuse. For me the relatives are more guilty than the person doing the acts as they have a position of trust over the children as a guardian.

The thing is the more you get involved in trying to stop things as well as dealing with the business side of life in the Philippines on top of random every day things such as the tomato crop as well as the mango crops being stolen in the middle of the night you start to wonder why bother. For me I don’t give up easily and the factors above as well as the business ones that have affected the decision but above all its the kids futures I am worried about.

But the UK is rioting and its a recession! Your right the UK had some minor rioting by teenagers and looters and a slow to react Police force. At the same time there will be lots of slaps on the wrists and the don’t do that again which won’t really make any difference except the looters are well aware next time the Police won’t be made to look a fool and they will get to feel the lovely thump of British justice from a batten. Don’t get me wrong I do think the kids in the UK have a reason to complain but it was the village idiots out on parade over those that actually struggle to get an education (or should I say want an education?). Society is failing and its in decline due to throwing money at the problem and nothing else for decades. At the same time I don’t live anywhere near where these idiots are a bit like the Elite Filipinos living in large plantations, sub divisions or even other countries it don’t matter because its not on your doorstep.

Recession wise my work is currently booming and hoping to drop into something straight away got the emails out but will see how quick they come back as I know there are job offers still out there. Housing is in middle of sale, repossessions, council buy backs, housing association expansion, government buyouts and all of these fall under surveying. The workload has increased, most people don’t like the jobs I do as they come with long hours, stress and travelling around. I am looking for something long-term now at the same time every role I have done before you can see that the man hours could be reduced to a 40 hour week once brought up to date. Big issue has always been people work 9 – 5 without any concern for end of line customers. For example a burst leak called in at 4.45pm booked in for tomorrow moves from a pipe repair to water damaged house within 24hrs. Quick assessment and repairs done as it happens means all equipment needed arrives at the right time. E.g. time of year when the leak happened may need dehumidifiers to remove water from the air which can all be organised at 4.45pm when the call arrived although would be leaving the office about 5.10pm its often not rocket science but a commitment to whatever your doing.

The kids in the UK I am hoping to locate near where Nicole schooled as the primary school there is great for the kids as well as the fact a good village atmosphere for April to make new friends. The thing also is that the internet side of things are going to start to expand in the next 2 months while I have time to do it (which is about to happen as all other projects will be just running on existing with no new developments). The odd thing is many people assume its about money that we are mainly leaving yet its got the least to do with the decision over anything else. I talk business a lot because I am business orientated but financially we are stable in the Philippines and if anything if we were broke we wouldn’t be able to afford the flights and visas. Funny side to this also though is on Filipino UK forum they understand my reasoning for leaving as no doubt many people have already been through the same problems.

Topping all this off is also the fact I miss European food! If you have lived out in the Philippines for some time it can grind you down on the fact food isn’t great you go to the supermarket and oranges look that colour you find in a fruit bowl left in the sun that when you go to get its already drying out and not juicy anymore. Much of the food quality is crap and this isn’t knocking Filipinos as they can and do produce good food problem is its being sold abroad while the lower grade stuff hits the supermarkets.